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Micro Excavator (Kubota U10-5) Tutorial QR Code
Micro Excavator (Kubota U10-5) Tutorial

Micro Excavator (Kubota U10-5)

The new Kubota U10-5 Micro digger is super compact and easier than ever to use. With side lever operation and a host of built-in safety features, it’s the ideal choice for tough projects where space is limited. Its zero-tail swing body allows the machine to be operated in the smallest of spaces without compromising performance. This is further supported by its adjustable tracks that allow the machine to be far more versatile than standard fixed micro excavators.

This new addition is fitted with Kubota’s stage V engine, providing class-leading performance, minimum fuel consumption and lower emissions. All of which directly benefit the operator during use. The U10-5 is fitted with hydraulic servo control for smoother movements, improved feel, and increased digging productivity.

To further increase productivity, this new micro digger offers 2-speed travel for movement between on-site working locations. This is all supported by the machine’s simplicity and operators’ comforts for the most and less experienced operators.

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Micro Excavator (Kubota U10-5) Details

  • Digging Depth1800mm
  • Machine Width750-990mm
  • Machine Height1655-2230mm
  • Weight1125kg
  • Bucket Sizes230/300/450/600mm/Grade
  • Example UsesDigger that fits through doorways and garden gates, Digging foundations, Digging trenches, Digger for confined spaces, Digging ponds

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Micro Excavator (Kubota U10-5) Tutorial QR Code
Micro Excavator (Kubota U10-5) Tutorial

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