All New Kubota 500kg Tracked Dumpers Arrive at WHC Hire Services

WHC Hire Services are proud to announce another all-new addition to its fleet. The Kubota 550kg tracked dumper (KC70 VHD-4). This new investment is part of our continued investment into the quality, performance, and safety of all our equipment. The Kubota 550kg tracked dumper joins our fleet alongside some of the finest earthmoving and building equipment on the market.

The 550kg tracked dumper is designed with all operator capabilities in mind. Making it the safest and most efficient machine of its kind on the market. The rubber tracks provide minimal ground disruption when travelling over soft ground or rough terrain. With a huge 550kg carrying capacity, this machine allows operators to safely track earth, materials and more across a working site. This machine is also fitted with an advanced hydraulic control system, making the whole operating experience smoother and safer overall.

The tracked dumper’s variable tracks allow operators to extend the machine’s overall width from 758mm to 1058mm. The minimum width allows the machine to pass easily through a standard internal door, and at full width, provides additional stability.

In addition to its carrying capabilities are the machine’s emptying properties. The new Kubota 550kg tracked dumper can lift loads up to 1430mm with a reach of 447mm. This allows operators to easily offload into a skip or van if required for maximum efficiency. These dumpers are ideal to pair with either a micro or mini digger for maximum performance.

WHC Hire Services are excited to see the difference that these new tracked dumpers will make to their customer’s performance. MD James Clutterbuck said, “The addition of these new 550kg tracked dumpers into our fleet is just one of many additions coming for 2023. We are so passionate about what we offer here at WHC, and this new investment is no exception. After completing a full assessment of the Kubota tracked dumper, we found it ranks highest in capacity, ease of use and serviceability in its category. We have been looking forward to the arrival of these machines, now they are here, we are excited to see the difference they will make for our clients. Along with the excellent reliability we have already experienced with Kubota.”

See full products specs here or contact your local depot for more information.


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