BRAND NEW JCB 245Xr Lands at WHC Hire 

After 4 years of hydraulic, electronic, and electric development, JCB has finally released the answer to large excavation for housing developments and highways. Introducing the latest addition to JCB’s X series and newly delivered to WHC Hire depots, the JCB 245XR. A world-class excavator that boasts reduced tail swing, with no compromise on cabin space or performance.

Its reduced tail swing maximises its potential to bring large loading capacities to the smallest of spaces. Larger loads equal more efficiency. It also boosts its ability to perform safely with a 1.6m working radius reduction compared to the JCB 220X.

The JCB 245XR is fitted with a stage V DieselMax engine, for high performance and maximum fuel efficiency. This allows operators on fuel as well as be as productive as possible all at the same time. 

The whole design is optimised to protect the machine; side bay doors are set back from the counterweight face and the right-hand platform corner sits within the slew radius to prevent damage and scratching. 


The 245Xr cab is designed with customers to maximise comfort and functionality. Further, JCB has installed double cushion viscous mounts to reduce vibration for comfortable all-day work.




This NEW addition to the WHC Hire fleet is an ideal asset for large excavation in tighter spaces. With an operating weight of over 28 tons, it tops the pile of the latest and most advanced earthmoving and lifting equipment. 

Read more about our latest X Series investments on the Gunn JCB website. Click here to see more.


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