Introducing the GP360 Eco Fusion Welfare Units

The latest technology in site welfare added to the fleet. Introducing the GP360 Eco Fusion Welfare Units.

We are excited to announce the delivery of 4 GP360 Eco Fusion welfare units into our fleet this week. These specially designed mobile units are innovative, functional and offer a greener environmental solution and a dramatic reduction in noise pollution.

The Eco Fusion is powered by an onboard 12v battery system enabling lighting, heating, hot water and invert sockets that can operate without a generator. Developed from a steel body, along with highly secure double lock doors and window shutters, including a built-in toilet and wash area, the Eco Fusion provides incredible strength and comfort when it comes to on-site welfare. The towable units are 3655mm(L)x 2300mm(W) with an unladen weight of 1700kg. Powered by a 6Kva generator, all of which are CDM & HSE compliant.

Eco Fusion Unit Interior

Full specs can be found at our Eco Fusion Mobile Welfare Units product page, or call 01684377977 to enquire today.