Reopening Notice

We Are Re-opening all of our Depots

Our shops and depots are now open on weekdays from 7.30am to 5pm and Saturdays from 8.30am to 12.30pm.

Due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic we have had to make some changes to the way we will serve you.

Customers with Cash or Credit Accounts

We will be taking all orders over the telephone, please call your usual depot who will take your order and take a deposit from your debit or credit card.

We will then arrange to either deliver your item to you or for you to come to the depot and collect it. We will give you a time slot for delivery or a time for you to come to the depot and pick the item up.

Please note if we deliver it to you we will leave the item in a suitable location, so that you can move it onto your site or premises.

If you pick up the item from one of our depots, the item will be placed in a designated area for you. This will allow you to self load the item into your vehicle. If the item is large please ensure that you are capable of loading it yourself or you are accompanied by someone who can help you.

We will do our normal handover and explain the controls and how the item operates. This will be carried out at a distance that is in line with the current social distancing guidelines.

When you wish to off hire the item please call your depot and either arrange for us to pick the item up or we will give you a time slot for you to return the item to the depot. We will ask you to place the item in the same location as we dropped it in and we will either load it or move it into the depot.

We will carry out or normal returned items procedure and inform you of any damage we discover. We will of course note this and take photographs.

As we are not able to collect your signature at this point in time we will take your photograph as proof of acceptance or return of the item.

The photograph will be deleted when the item has been returned and the balance on the account cleared.

New Cash or Credit Account Customers

If you have not hired from us before we will need to verify your details before we can let you hire an item from us.

Please call your local depot and request an account application form. You will need to complete this and bring it to the depot. We will also need to see documents such as a drivers licence and a utility bill so that we can set your account up.

Please call the depot and arrange a time for you to come in. We have put in place procedures to do this safely.

We can normally verify your details and set your account up within twenty four hours.

You will then be able to hire and return items in the same way as any other account customer.

Terms and Conditions

Please note that we understand that the current situation is difficult for all of our current and new customers. Be assured that we have not increased our hire charges or altered our terms and conditions at this difficult time.

Sanitisation of Plant and Equipment

We realise that in the current situation people are worried that items that they touch may be contaminated with Coronavirus. To give you additional confidence we have put in place a process where all of our plant and equipment is sanitised before we release it for hire from our depots.

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