WHC Hire Launches “QR Enabled” Advanced Digital On-Site Support

WHC Hire Services is proud to announce the release of a brand-new digital support system, “QR Enabled.” This service is specifically designed to increase productivity and operator safety throughout a customer’s hire. In turn, this ensures that all clients get the most out of their equipment and get the job done safely.

This new digital support system is available to everyone through our online resource vault. A support service that requires no login, email address, or sign-up, and is easy to use from all UK mobile devices.

The vault contains over 50 step-by-step, machinery-specific tutorial videos to help operators when using their equipment. Operators can now troubleshoot over 90% of the most common errors themselves with all our enabled machinery. From how to change buckets, to entering keycodes and more. All from the safety of the operator’s cabin, and without leaving site.

Each tutorial video ranges between 2-7 minutes long and is produced by our own in-house WHC Hire team. To access this free online support system simply find and scan the QR Code on the enabled WHC Hire machinery. Select your equipment, and choose the support you need.

See below:

Access to the tutorial vault can also be granted through our website, see Resources for more.

WHC will offer continuous updates and features to this new service to aid clients with existing and new introductions into our fleet. Nevertheless, this initial release is the beginning of the future of innovation at WHC Hire.

MD James Clutterbuck said, “We are always looking for ways to inspire and enhance our client’s ability to get the job done. Our “QR Enabled” service is built to increase customers’ safety and efficiency when dealing with WHC Hire. It is very often that digital support like this is normally hidden behind layers of terms and conditions in the new modern era of technology. However, with safety for all at the forefront of everything we do, we believe that everyone should have access to support like this. Whether you are hiring machinery from WHC Hire or not, the more we all share, the more people we can guarantee to return safely to their families every night. In addition, we understand that customers want to be as efficient as possible when hiring machinery. Therefore, we have structured our QR Enabled support to be easy to use and problem-specific to produce better results. We are excited to see the difference this new system will have on all of our clients. Just another way WHC is leading the way.”

QR Enabled Sticker   


If you would like to receive QR Enabled Updates and offers directly to your mailbox, then email hire@whchire.com with a request to be added to our mailing list. Take a walkthrough today of the latest QR Code-enabled equipment from WHC Hire here.

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