WHC Welcomes Mini Excavator Fleet Updates for 2024

WHC Hire is proud to announce the arrival of more fleet updates for 2024. At the beginning of March, WHC received an annual update of mini excavators to enhance and update our current collection. With a large number of plant equipment from major manufacturers across the globe, WHC offers one of the youngest independent fleets in the UK.

We are delighted to share that we’ve updated Micro Diggers (Kubota U10-5s) and Zero Tail Swing Mini diggers (Kubota U17-3a) across all our depots for spring 2024. In true WHC Hire fashion, we have continued our promise to deliver low-hours, world-class equipment for our clients. These new mini excavators are ideal for all types of hard-to-access projects. Whether that is in or outdoors, finding the right machine for the job has never been easier. Micro and zero tail swing excavators of this calibre are specifically designed to allow operators to work even closer to obstacles than ever. Backed with our digital support service, clients can now boost their levels of productivity more than ever!

MD James Clutterbuck said, “We have been operating both the U10 and U17 for some time at WHC. Both machines have been a true asset to a lot of our landscaping, building and utilities companies that work closely with us. That’s why when it came to updating our fleet of small excavators, I chose to reinvest in the Kubota range. The precision and control these machines offer is class-leading, there is no doubt about it. I’ve also been extremely impressed with their serviceability, allowing our in-house teams to work faster to meet customer demand. Overall, I am excited to introduce and expand our collection to meet the demands of our growing client base. We look forward to seeing these brilliant machines out in the field!”


For more information or to see the specifications of our latest investments click here