1.7T Excavator Handover Tutorial (Kubota U17-3A)

1.7T Excavator (Kubota U17-3a)

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Hi everyone and welcome to this handover video for the U17 -3a. I’m going to take you through all the key components you need to be aware of this excavator so you can get the most out of your hire. So to do so we need to get ourselves straight into the cabin.

The first thing that we’re going to do is use the handlebars that are provided on the rollover structure to aid us with our three points of contact when entering the machine.

When we get into the excavator the first thing that we need to do is ensure we pop our seat belt on. It’s our first line of safety and also the excavator will not start without it engaged. Welcome to your cabin. Now for the sake of this tutorial video what I’m going to do so I’m going to drop the left arm armrest so I can show you all the controls.

So to start with either side of your operators seat you’ve got your pilot controls. The left-hand pilot control controls the arm of the machine. Pushing it away will extend the arm further out from the excavator. Pulling it back towards you will bring it closer to the boom. Pushing left on the pilot control will rotate the excavator on its current axis and the same if you pull it to the right will do the opposite to the right-hand size.

Over on the right-hand side we’ve got our right pilot control which controls the boom of the machine and also the bucket. Pulling the control towards you will lift the boom towards the excavator. Pushing it away will lower it closer to the ground. Curling the bucket is 9:00 on the clock face and then opening and unloading the bucket is to the right-hand side at 3:00 on the clock face. And on our right hand pilot control we’ve also got our excavator’s horn.

And those are the pilot controls you’re going to find in the U 17-3. Right in front of us we’ve got our track controls. Down on the left-hand side we’ve got our hydraulic auxiliary pedal. Then just down on the right-hand side of the right track control we’ve got our slew lock which is used for the transportation of the machine. Then a little bit further over we’ve got our slew.

Now on the right-hand panel is your adjustable track controls. To change the width of the tracks simply position the excavator as shown and lift the tracks off the floor. We do this by using pressure through the boom and the arm of the machine and also the dozer blade.

Then we flip over the controls to the adjustable tracks and then we use the dozer lever that you’ll find just next to your right-hand pilot control to adjust the width of the tracks. After you’re happy with the adjustment, change the lever back to the dozer blade setting, and lower the machine gently to the floor.

Now just to the right of your right-hand pilot control is your dozer blade lever. Pushing down will lower the dozer to the floor. Pulling back up towards you will heighten the dozer from the ground. On top of your dozer lever, you’ve also got your Fast Track control which is the green button. We’ll use it when you’re tracking in and around the site where you can safely move the machine a bit quicker.

Just under your armrest, you’ve got your heads-up display and also the controls for that. To the right-hand side we’ve got our throttle. If we pull that back towards us that’ll increase the revs, pushing it forward will decrease the revs.

Then a little bit further back we’ve got our ignition, our headlights, and also our beacon lights.

And those are the main controls that you’re going to find inside the cabin of the excavator. The last thing we need to do is show you is how to refill the machine. To do so we’re going to exit the machine and you’re going to need your operator’s key to do so. Follow me.

So on the right-hand side of the excavator, you’re going to find this little service hatch which will normally have a strictly white diesel-only label on it. We’re going to take our excavator key out and we’re going to pop that into that lock and open that little hatch up.

Under here is our fuel filler cap where we can refuel the machine as well as, we’ve got a fuel gauge there to assist us whilst doing the procedure. Once the machine is fully fuelled and ready to go you’re all set to lock that little hatch back up and get ready to start your day’s work.

All right guys those are the key components that you need to familiarize yourself with this U 17-3 from WHC Hire. Now if you come to any more problems whilst using this machinery please feel free to scan the QR code that you’ll find inside the excavator for more, free step-by-step help. Thereafter if you need any further support please get in contact with your local WHC Hire depot as soon as possible, so we can get you up and running. Thank you ever so much for joining me in this tutorial video and we’ll look forward to helping you in the next. Until then take care and bye-bye for now.

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