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Hello everyone and welcome back to our roller series here at WHC Hire. And with me today we’ve got our Bomag 120 twin drum vibrating roller, and this video is dedicated to helping you familiarize yourself with the machine and get to know all the controls so you can get the utmost out of your hire.

To start with we’re going to take you from the front to the back to identify all the main components before moving into the machine and the controls. Let’s get started.

And welcome to the front of your machine where you’ll see we’ve got some headlights, and also some reflectors, as well underneath here is your water suppression system and also a scraper bar.

We need to make sure they’re nice and clear before operating the machine. Next we’re going to go around to the drum to have a little look at the components there. Ao this is our front drum with our hydraulics all built and integrated in with it, and also we’ve got our bonnet.

This houses the main part of the engine including where you refuel the machine, but more on that a little bit later. So a little bit further down we’ve got our articulation point, in the middle we’ve got our cockpit, that’s just up here. And then finally we’ve got our rear roller with our pipes that come down for a hydraulic fluid as well to operate them.

Now we’re going to run round to the back of the machine just to identify a couple of more components before getting started and jump into the machine.

And this is the ROPS bar you’ll find it on the rear of the machine and it’ll have two beacons on the top that should be operating correctly when you do your pre-start checks. This bar is essential to the safety of the machine ,so we need to ensure it’s in perfect working order. Any problems you get in contact with your local WHC Hire depot.

Now let’s check out the last few components on the rear of the machine before looking how we refuel it and fill up the water suppression system.

Welcome to the rear of the machine where you’ve got yourself some more reflectors, some headlights and also you’ve got yourself another scraper bar underneath with your water suppression system.

Now to fill this system up you got to go to the left hand side of the cockpit and I’m going to take you there right now to find out how. Now to fill up your water suppression system we’re going to go to this filler cap on the left hand side of the operator’s cockpit. We undo that there and we can fill from here. Now to read the level of your reservoir is on the left hand side of the cockpit just above the steps.

So right the next thing you’re going to want to know is how to refill the machine. To do so all you got to do is open up the bonnet as shown,on the left hand side of the machine you’ll see a filler cap titled diesel, is where you can fill your machine up.

All of WHC Hire’s plant equipment takes white diesel only. Once you’re finished just lower your bonnet and secure safely.

And those are the key features that you need to be aware of on the outside of the Bomag 120. Now what we’re going to do jump ourselves into the machine to familiarize ourselves with all the other controls. And as always we’re going to use three points of contact to do so, follow me.

Now the first thing you need to do when entering the machine is pop your seatbelt on. Please note but the machine will not move without your seat belt engaged. Compliance is shown by the green beacon above you will be flashing when the machine is started.

So there’s your seatbelt all up and ready. To the right of you you’ve got your operator’s joystick which we’re going to go over very shortly, but to start with let’s go over the console, let’s open that up.

On the far left hand side you’ve got your water suppression system, and just above that you’ve got your headlights. A bit further over to the right you’ve got your operating beacons turn on and off. Further over you’ve got your drum selection from when vibrating the machine. You can either use the front, rear or both drums together at the same time.

The button to the right of that allows you to either use manual or automatic engagement of the vibrations on this machine. Below those two then you’ve got your operator dial which will show you the hours and your fuel of the machine.

And just to the right of that below is your kill switch. In an emergency you can hit this switch to cut the machine off. Down the right hand side of the machine we’ve got your ignition where your operator’s key will go to start the machine.

Coming back over and down on the left hand side is your operator’s throttle. The more revs that you have the quicker the machine will go. To increase your revs simply push the throttle down and away from you, and to decrease pull it back up to you and click it into the tickover mode.

And right in front of you, you’ve got your operator steering wheel that you’ll control genuinely with your left hand when using the machine. And those are all the key controls that you’re going to find right in front of you, but to operate the machine you need to know how to use the machine’s joystick.

This is on the right hand side of the cockpit. To move the machine forward ensure that you’ve got your hand on the steering wheel. Pull the joystick inwards towards you and forward away. This will engage the forward motion gear. To stop the machine simply put it back into the neutral position. To engage reverse gear pull the joystick inwards and then backwards.

It’s always best to keep one hand on the joystick at all times this Bomag 120 also has additional gear ratios that can be accessed by using the joystick. On your heads-up panel you’ll see a diagram of how to access these gear ratios for when operating the machine.

Now also on your joystick you’re going to find a number of buttons which are going to assist you in the operation of this machine. To start with you’ve got the red button which engages the vibrations of the machine as is set up on your console.

The second one you need to be aware of is the orange button which is the machine’s horn.

And those are all the key features that you’re going to need to know on how to operate the Bomag 120 from WHC Hire.

Thank you ever so much for joining me if you get into any more problems using this machine please feel free to scan the QR code that you’ll find on it. Or alternatively, get in contact with one of our local depots as soon as you can so we can get you up and running with your machinery.

Thank you ever so much for joining me and till the next video take care and bye-bye for now

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