1T Hi-Tip Dumper-Handover Tutorial (Thwaites)

1T Hi-Tip Dumper

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1t dumper handover

Hello and welcome back to our dumper series
here at WHC Hire. Thank you ever so
much for joining me and in today’s video
we’re going to go through a full
Handover of the 1T thwaites dumpers from WHC. Now you should
have this machine when it’s delivered to
you all you collect it and it should be
ready and raring to go but it’s always
worth familiarizing yourself with the
Machinery before operating it. So to
start with what we need to do is get
ourselves into the machine so we can
familiarize ourselves with all the
controls that this machine has to offer.
So what we need to do is jump into the
machine using three points of contact.
Now we’re safe in our seat what we can
do is we can adjust the seat by using
the handle underneath. The handle lever
underneath forward and backwards.
To the rear of the seat
we have a side handle which allows to
go up and down.
And finally we can adjust the air
suspension of the machine in between
your legs.
Once that’s all sorted you need to pop
your seat belt on to ensure that you
comply with the safety procedures of
this machine.
This machine will not operate without
that seat belt engaged. Now when you’re
operating the machine to show compliance
the green beacon above you will flash
green. If that green beacon is not
flashing then your seat belt is not
engaged. Now let’s have a little look at the controls that are
in front of us. These Thwaites 1 tonne dumpers are
very simple and easy to use. Very
minimalistic but extremely effective. So
in front of you, you’ve got your steering
wheel. Use the knob of the wheel of the
machine to steer the dumper to give us
the most control overall. Just below and
behind that is our gear lever
if we push forwards that engages the
machine to go forward.
The middle is neutral allowing us to start
the machine
and then towards you is reverse.
Below that we’ve got our control panel
with our warning lights we’ve also got a
horn and our emergency stop button in
case there isn’t a need for use of it.
Below that we’ve got our ignition
and then on the floor in front of us we
have our accelerator.
Now this 1T dumper from Thwaites is
a hydrostatic model therefore the
parking brake is always engaged unless
the machine is moving.
On your right hand side if your
operator’s seat is your skipped controls
the one nearest to you controls the up
and down of the skip.
And the one furthest away for you on the
right-hand side controls the lifting and
the lowering of the skip height.
and that’s the basic controls for this
Thwaites 1T dumper from WHC Hire.
If you come into any other issues whilst
operating this machinery then you can
check out our full tutorial playlist on
our website or alternatively please get
in contact with your local Depot as soon
as possible. Thank you so much for
joining us for this handover video and
we hope that you enjoy your plant
machinery on hire with us today

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