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Hello and welcome back to our dumper series
here at WHC Hire. With me today we’ve got
our six tonne swivel tip dumper from
Thwaites. Now I’m going to go through a
full Handover for you so you can
understand and familiarize yourself with
the machine so you can get the most out
of your hire. Now to get started we need to
safely get ourselves into the machine to
begin. Follow me.
Right so to enter the machine safely
we’re going to use the handlebars on the
control panel and also the operator seat
to assist us with our three points of
Now when you get into the cockpit
simply sit down in the operators seat and
we can begin our adjustments to the seat.
The handlebar on the left-handd side will
bring the rear of the seat forward and
backwards. To the front right-hand side
of the operator seat is a lever that
allows you to move you closer and
further away from the steering wheel. And
finally in between your legs is your air
suspension adjustment.
Now that you’re in the correct position
to operate the machine first thing we
need to do is pop on our seat belt.
Please remember that this machine will
not move in any way shape or form
without that seat belt engaged.
Compliance is shown by the green beacon
above you flashing when the machine is
turned on. One of the most common issues
with this machine is the fact that the
seat belt is not engaged and the safety
system of the machine kicks in. Now
welcome to your cockpit. Right in front
of you you’ve got your steering wheel
and steering knob. We use the steering
knob to steer the machine as it provides
the most accuracy with this articulated
Down on the left hand side we’ve got our
gear lever. Pushing up away from you will
engage The forward motion in the middle
is the neutral or where we start the
machine. And towards you is the reverse
Just below that we’ve got our machine’s
Our indicators.
Coming across the panel in front of you
underneath the steering wheel we’ve got
our forward-facing camera.
And to the right of that we’ve got our
heads-up display including any engine
warning lights.
Coming down below that we’ve got our
hazard lights.
And then back across we’ve got our
Operators handbook.
And to the left hand side of our
operators handbook we’ve got our
headlights. And that’s everything on your
control panel now let’s have a look at
the pedals that we’ve got in front of us
as well.
On the left hand side we’ve got our clutch
and just to the right of that is we’ve
got our gear ratio lever. Now we can choose a
different gear ratio depending on the
speed that we’re operating
the machine at.
To the right hand side of that is our
And then finally our accelerator. And
those are all your essential pedals and
controls they’re going to be operated by
feet and your hands.
On the right hand side of the operator
seat we’ve got our handbrake. To release
we lift up and push forward. And to
engage we lift up and pull backwards
and will also lock into place.
On left hand side of the operator seat
we’ve got our skip features. Pushing
forward we’ll raise the skip to unload.
Pulling back we’ll retract the skip.
Pushing left we’ll swivel the skip to
the left. And pushing right will swivel
to skip to the right.
And there you go guys that is a full
tutorial of our six ton swivel tip
dumper from Thwaites. Now please take your
time to familiarize yourself with the
machine but if you come into any more
issues you’re more than welcome to check
out our full tutorials of this machine
on our website. Or alternatively, get in
contact with your local depot as soon as
possible so we can help you with
whatever issue. If you’re looking to get
this machine started click the link
below and we’ll get you moving. Thank you
ever so much for joining me and until
the next video take care and bye bye for

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