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9T Dumper

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Hello and welcome back to our dumper series
and in today’s video we’re going to do a
full handover of one of our 9 Tonne
Thwiates dumpers. This video is designed
to get you up and running and help you
familiarize yourself with all of the
features that this dumper has to offer.
To start with we need to get ourselves
inside the cabin to familiarize
ourselves with our surroundings and what
does what, let’s get going.
To enter the machine of this size we
need to ensure that we use three points
of contact at all times. There is a
handlebar on the left hand side of the
control panel and also a right-hand
handlebar on the operator’s seat. We use
these plus the steps on the side to
enter the machine nice and safely.

Now once you’re in your seat you want to
make sure it’s comfortable for you to
use all day. So we can make small
adjustments by adjusting the distance
from the control panel by the underneath
on the right hand side which moves the
seat forwards and backwards. Then we can
adjust a lumber part by the handle
on the left-hand side by the seat belt.
Our final adjustment we can make to the
seat is the air suspension which is in
between your legs.
And once you’ve found yourself a nice
comfortable position the first thing you
need to do is pop your seat belt on. Now
that you’re in the machine
please note just like all other
Thwiates models this machine will not
operate unless that seat belt is engaged
it must be engaged at all times. Now to
show that you’re compliant with those
safety procedures the green beacon above
you when the machine is operating will
flash green. So if you’re ever stuck and
you’re ever thinking oh my goodness the
machine’s not moving always double check
first that the seat belt is engaged
properly to begin with.
Now welcome to your cockpit. Right in
front of you we’ve got our steering
wheel, this is controlled by the single
knob on the wheel. The knob on the
machine is used to steer and this
provides the most control and accuracy
when operating the machine.
Below this just behind it is our gear
lever if we push forwards on the gear
lever we’re engaging the forward motion
of this machine.
In the middle is our neutral position
where we need to start the machine and
towards you is for the reverse gear.
Just below that we have got our
indicator lights on our left hand side
and also our horn. Then to the right of
that we’ve got our forward-facing camera
that can be used.
And just to the side of that then we’ve
got our heads up dash which shows and
displays any of our warning lights if we
have any.
Below our control panel we’ve got our
ignition and just underneath is our
operator’s handbook. Down by our feet
we’ve got a number of different pedals
and also levers the one on the far left
is our clutch pedal which is used with
the gear ratio lever to engage which
gear ratio we would like.
Down the right hand side we’ve got our
And also our accelerator
on the right hand side of the operator
seat we’ve got our machines handbrake. We
lift up to release
then we pull backwards and up to engage.
And her left hand side of your operator
seat you’ve got your skip lever we push
forwards to unload or raise the skip up.
And pull back to lower the skip
ready for transportation.
And there you go guys that is a full
walkthrough handover of this machine. If
you have any problems whilst operating
it please feel free to check out any of
the other tutorials that we have on this
playlist on our website. Thank you ever
so much for joining us until the next
video take care bye bye for now.

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