Breaker Couple & Operation (6T Excavator)

6T Excavator (Kubota KX060-5)

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Hello everyone and welcome back to our

excavator series and in today’s video

we’ve got our brand new 6 tonne

excavator the Kubota

KX060-5. And in today’s video what we’re

going to do is take you through the full

procedure of attaching a breaker,

operating, it and it’s successfully

depressurizing it. To get started we need

to jump into the cabin

and as always, to enter the cabin we’re

going to use three points of contact.

Firstly securing the door in position

and then climbing into the excavator.

Now as soon as we’re in the excavator

we’re going to do is pop our seat belt

on which are fun on your left hand side.

And now we’re ready to start the

procedure to attach the breaker. First

thing we need to do is make sure there’s

no pressure in the system to start with.

We do this

by popping our key

and into our ignition and turning it to

position one.

Drop your left hand armrest

and then on your right pilot control

select the auxiliary output.

We can now vent the auxiliary by rocking

the toggle switch on a right hand pilot


Now once you’ve rocked that toggle a few

times you can key off the machine and


so you can attach the brake hoses to the


Now to attach the auxiliary all we need

to do is unravel the pipes

and then connect them

into the auxiliary output one.

Making sure you turn and lock them when

in position. This ensures that the

attachment won’t come loose when in

operation. Once you do one side you walk

around to the other

to couple up the other auxiliary hose.

Now you have successfully attached your hoses to

your excavator we can jump back into the

machine and get ready to start the work.

Now we’re back in our in the excavator

let’s pop our seat belt back on

and we could commence our normal startup

procedure. Once the machine is running

simply drop your left arm armrest

and then position the breaker in the

place you’d like to commence the work.

Once in working position simply select

the auxiliary output on the right hand

pilot control

and then use the right toggle switch to

operate the breaker.

Once you’ve finished with the attachment

simply light down into the service


Now the breaker is in the service

position we can commence the

depressurizing sequence.

Now to start this sequence all we need

to do is key off, wait a couple of seconds.

Key on to position one,

and drop our left arm arm rest.

Now select the auxiliary again on the

right hand pilot control.

And rock the toggle switch to release

the pressure out of the hoses.

In doing so you’ll see your hoses Flex

on your breaker

notifying you there is no more pressure

in those and can be released with ease.

Now you’re at a point where you can get

out the excavator and detach the hoses.

Now to detach our hoses make sure that

the bubble lines up with the little

insert and simply lift

and release.

Making sure that you roll up

your hoses for when the excavators in


And there you go guys that is the full

correct procedure to attach a breaker

onto one of our brand new 6 Tonne

excavator from Kubota the KX060-5. Now

if during this procedure or during

operation you come into any problems

with operating this machinery then

please get in contact with our local

depot as soon as possible so we can get

you up and running. Thank you ever so

much for joining me and until the next

tutorial video take care and bye for now

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