Breaker Coupling/Uncoupling 1.7T Excavator (Kubota U17-3A)

1.7T Excavator (Kubota U17-3a)

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Hello everyone and welcome back to our excavator series and in this video I’m going to show you how to correctly couple and uncouple a hydraulic breaker to one of our U17 -3 excavators.

Now it’s really essential that you do each individual part of the step-by-step guide to ensure that no damage happens to the excavator or the hydraulic breaker throughout the sequence. I’ll even show you how to operate it as well, so without further ado, we need to get ourselves into the excavator and start the initial venting sequence.

And as always we’re going to use the handlebars that are provided on the rollover protection structure to aid us in our three points of contact.

Okay so straight into our operators seat and we’re going to start the venting sequence. To do so we’re going to drop our left armrest. We’re going to take out our operator’s key pop it into the ignition and turn it to position one only. Now to vent the hydraulics and also the auxiliary circuits, we need to rock the foot pedal which is down on your left hand side. And also the pilot controls, this will release any kind of extra pressure that’s in the machine before coupling up.

Once you’ve done that for a couple of seconds you can key off, lift up your armrest, and now the machine is ready to couple up and ready to get going. So what we’re going to do jump out the machine and get it coupled up, follow me.

Right okay let’s get coupled up. So when you receive your breaker it will all be wrapped up just as shown. This is ideal for any type of transportation to save any damage to the hoses. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to unravel them and we’re going to start with the male end into the female end on the left-hand side of the excavator. We’re going to push this hose into the auxiliary output like so, and then we’re going to lock it into place by turning the lock clockwise, so it’s away from the bubble on the side of the output. We’re going to do exactly the same on the female side on the other side of the arm in the machine.

Right, we’re on the right hand side here, and we’re going to unravel the female output side of the breaker and we’re going to attach it into the auxiliary output here. And so it’ll lock into place and like I said before just turn the lock clockwise so it locks it securely in place. Once you’ve done this the breaker is successfully coupled and we can jump into the machine to begin operating it.

Okay straight back into the operator sea,t and because we’re going to be using the excavator, pop that seat belt on. Now please be aware the excavator may not start without that seat belt engaged. Okay depending on the design of the machine that you’re working on.

But now we can start our pre-start sequence to get the attachment into the correct working position. So we’re going to turn the machine on drop our left arm armrest and then position the breaker in the working position.

When we’re ready to use the breaker, we use the foot switch on the left-hand side to operate it. Once you finish using the breaker simply lie it down into the service position and now we’re ready to do our venting sequence. So this is if you want to detach the breaker itself. So to do this what we need to do is key the machine off. And then like we did before drop our left arm armrest, key on to position one only, and then we’re going to vent the hydraulic circuits by rocking the pilot controls and then the auxiliary circuits by the foot controls on the left-hand side that you use to operate the breaker.

Once you’ve done so you can exit the machine after releasing your seat belt and then we can uncouple the breaker successfully. Follow me and I’ll show you how to do so.

Right, okay now we’ve done our venting sequence taking the hoses off should be a doddle. So what we’re going to do is spin our locks round to the bubble and lift up and they’ll disconnect very easily. If there’s any problems of disconnecting it’s probably because the venting sequence hasn’t been done correctly. So you’ll need to redo that. But once you’ve got these hoses up wrap them up so they’re safe for transporting. And we’re going to do exactly the same on the other side, and like I said just before we just wrap these up for safe transport.

Once you’ve done this your breaker is ready to uncouple from your excavator.

And there you go everyone that is the correct coupling and uncoupling sequence for one of our breakers on a U17 -3a excavator from WHC Hire. If you come into any more problems be sure to go back over this video to ensure you’re doing the venting sequence correctly, or if you get into any more issues please contact your local WHC Hire depot for more help and information.

If at any point you need any more help with this excavator, feel free to scan the QR code that you’ll find inside the cabin to access a wealth of free step-by-step guides to get more out of your hire. Thank you ever so much for joining me and until the next video take care.

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