Breaker Operation & Decompression Mini Digger (1.5T Excavator)

1.5T Excavator (Kubota KX19-4)

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Hello and welcome back to our excavator series

and in today’s episode, we’re going to

look at the correct operation of using

one of our Breakers attached to our mini

Digger the KX19-4. During this video

we’re going to go over the correct

pressurizing sequence, how to use a

breaker, and how to depressurize the machine as well.

To get started, we just

need to jump ourselves firstly into the


To start with we need to enter the machine

using three points of contact.

Once into your seat

We’re going to move the key to position one

and we’re going to drop the left armrest.

From here what we’re going to try and do

is to make sure there’s no pressure in the machine

so when we connect the breaker, we don’t

find ourselves any issues. To do so we

need to push the auxiliary button which

is down on the dashboard and then we

need to rock the toggle switch which is

on the right pilot control. Once we’ve

doe that few times the machine now is

ready to be connected up to the breaker.

Simply exit the machine

and from here, we’re going to connect up

our hoses to the excavator.

Now the hoses should be wrapped up


and they’re inserted into these

auxiliaries which you’ll find on the arm

of the machine

simply lift them up and pop them in on

both sides.

Now once these are both attached we

can get ourselves back into the

excavator and get it running.

Jumping back into the machine now is

we’re going to use the machine.

We need to make sure that we put our

seat belt on.

Now we’re ready to start the excavator

as we normally would.

now the machine is running

let’s drop our left arm armrest

pick our auxiliary button to engage the

use of the breaker

to operate the breaker once it is in the

working position we use the auxiliary

toggle which is on the right-hand pilot


Now at any point you need to exit the excavator for any

reason, as soon as you lift up

the left arm armrest it disengages the


So when you return back to the machine

to continue breaking, you need to lower

your armrest and once again push the

auxiliary button found on the control


Once you finish with the attachment

simply lie down safely on its back on

the ground.

We’re at this point now maybe you’re

looking to change attachment and you

need to depressurize the actual

breaker itself. So to do so we need to

follow this procedure. We can key off the


Lift up our left arm armrest.

Key on again to position one.

We’ll drop our left arm armrest

and again we’ll push the auxiliary


But this time with the machine

Actually not turned on we’re going to

depressurize it by simply rocking

that toggle switch again

to release all of the pressure out of

the circuits. When rocking the toggle

switch we’re depressurizing the hoses

you’ll see them flex notifying you that

the pressure in the hoses has been


From here we can jump out the machine.

And from here we can simply detach the

hoses. One common issue we find is when

customers try to detach the breaker

hoses and have come into problems after

depressurizing the machine correctly is

 generally because the safety

catches have been turned during

operation and cannot be lifted to detach

the hose. Ensure the catches are in this

position and can be lifted

simply towards the bubble that can be

found on the auxiliary hose outline on the

machine. It’s best practice to wrap the

hoses up so when in transport or where

if we’re putting this attachment away

none of the hoses will get snagged or


And there you go guys, that is the

 correct depressurizing and pressurizing

procedure for a breaker on one of our

mini diggers. If you follow these simple

steps you’ll have no problems when

operating this attachment on this

machine. Thank you ever so much for

joining me today on this tutorial video

hopefully, it’s been useful but if you’re

having still having any problems, please

feel free to get in contact with your

local depot who will be more than happy

to help you walk you through the

procedure. Thank you ever so much again

and we look forward to seeing you on the

next video take care, and bye bye for now

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