Breaker Venting & Operation 3T Excavator Kubota (KX27-4)

3T Excavator Kubota KX27-4

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Hello everyone and welcome back to our excavator series. And with me today we’ve got our KX 27-4 and this video is dedicated to ensure that you can couple and uncouple your breaker correctly and safely.

To start the procedure we need to make sure that there’s no pressure in the auxiliary circuits and we can do that from inside the machine, follow me. And when getting into the machine use the handlebar supplied so you can use three points of contact at all times.

Now we’re inside the machine the first thing that we’re going to do is drop our left hand armrest. Going take our operator’s key and pop it into the ignition and turn it to position one. To ensure that there’s no pressure inside our auxiliary circuits what we need to do is lift up our auxiliary operation pedal on the left hand side and toggle it left and right right.

When you’re happy you can key off, lift up your armrest and now we can begin coupling up the breaker to the excavator.

So now we’re ready to couple up our breaker to the machine so we’re going to unravel these hoses we’re going to take first our male end and pop it into this female end on the arm of the machine. Once it’s locked into place we’re just going to twist the lock so it can’t detach whilst in operation. Then we’re going to do exactly the same on the other side, where we’re going to put the female end into the male end, follow me.

So here we are on the male output side, we’re going to take our female cable here and we’re going to pop this onto our auxiliary output, like that. And then we’re going to just twist that lock so it locks it into place. Now this is coupled correctly we can jump back into the machine and start operating the breaker. Let’s go. Right so jumping back into our machine the first thing we need to do pop our seat belt on. And we go through our normal startup procedure.

Now to operate the breaker we going to drop our left arm armrest and we position the breaker in the place we’d like to use it. And then we operate it as simply as using the toggle pedal on the left hand side.

Once you finish using your breaker simply lie it down into the resting position. And then lift up your left arm armrest and key off. So now the breaker is in a position where it’s been used and now what we want to do is we want to detach it.

So we need to release all that pressure that’s been built up inside the breaker. To do so, we need to do the sequence of… machine is off.. drop your left arm armrest and key on to position one. Now what we’re going to do is vent the auxiliary circuits and also the hydraulic circuits within the machine. To do so we’re going to rock our foot pedal our operating auxiliary foot pedal left and right. Then we’re going to do our pilot controls to relieve all the pressure.

Now the pressure is completely out of the breaker, and out the machine. We can exit the machine and start decoupling the breaker from the excavator.

Now all the pressure is out of the auxiliary circuits detaching these hoses should be very simple. Simply lift up the lock towards the bubble, and your hose will detach easily. Do this on both sides and make sure that you wrap the hoses up ready for transportation.

And just the same on the left-hand side just move the lock around to the bubble and just pull off. Simple as that. Ensuring that you wrap the hoses up correctly.

And there you go, everyone, that is the correct pressurizing and depressurizing sequence for one of our 3-ton KX 27-4 excavators we have here at WHC Hire. Now if during your sequence you come into any more problems please get in contact with your local WHC Hire depot as soon as possible.

Thank you ever so much again for joining me on this tutorial video and we look forward to seeing you out there in the field. Till later, take care bye-bye for now.

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