Cabin Walkthrough & Controls Mini Digger (1.5T Excavator)

1.5T Excavator (Kubota KX19-4)

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Hello and welcome back to our excavator series

and in today’s episode, we’re going to

help you familiarize yourself with the

controls and the internal features on


KX19-4. Now if you’re ready please feel

free to jump into the cabin with me and

we’ll start from there.

To start with we’re going to enter

the machine using three points of

contact. When you get in, you’re going

to be surrounded by all these different

controls and that’s what we’re going to

help you go through right now. So to

start with you’ve got our seat belt which you

should attach before you start using the


And then you’ve got your pilot controls

in front of you. Left hand pilot control,

controls the arm of the machine and also

the turning of the machine as well. To

extend the arm of the digger

we push it forward, to bring it closer we

bring it back. And if we want to rotate

on our axis where we are we can either

go left or right using this control.

On your right-hand side, you’ve got your

other pilot control and this controls

the boom of the machine. Obviously, we

push it forward the boom will extend

further away from the machine pull it

back it will move closer.

To crowd the bucket of the machine

we simply move this right hand

joystick to nine o’clock.

And to reopen it or uncrowded it, we’ll

move it to three o’clock. And those are

your basic controls to help you use the

excavator. Whilst digging, also you’ll

find on the right-hand joystick is our

horn and also our auxiliary toggle switch.

From here in front of us we’ve

got our drive levers that operate the

left and right tracks that can be used

together or one at a time.

Now below these tracking levers, we’ve

got our boom lock and underneath the

right pedal we’ve got our boom slew

where we can turn the boom of the

machine either left or right aiding us

whilst we’re doing our excavation.

┬áComing back up we’ve got our heads-up display

where we’re showing our fuel our

oil temperatures and any hazard warning

lights that may display.

Further on our heads-up display, we’ve

got three buttons at the bottom left one

is for our auxiliary

the middle one is our servicing button

and on the right, it changes the hours to

RPM on the heads-up display.

Moving further back we’ve got our dozer

blade which is operated by pushing

forwards to go down

and then pull backwards

to raise. On top of the dozer blad we’ve

got our a green button which allows the

machine to Fast Track whilst in motion.

When we push this button a green hare

will appear on your heads-up display to

notify you. Further back we’ve got our

ignition where our key goes in to start

the machine. To the right of that we’ve

got our throttle that’s shown by the

tortoise and the hare.

Below that, moving back towards you

you’ve got your lights

and also you’ve got your beacon light;

they’re two separate switches.

But above that most importantly we have

got our quick hitch operation button. Now

if you’re not too sure how to operate

the quick hitch please feel free just to

click the link above where we’ve made a

video dedicated especially to this

machine on how to operate the quick

hitch. And that’s the basic components of

the internal cabin of the KX19-4.

Now follow me to show you where you can

fuel the machine and get yourself


To refuel the machine you can find the

fuel cap on the right-hand side of the

digger simply twist to unlock,


and close accordingly. Please note that

all machines from WHC Hire must be

refuelled with white diesel.

And there you go guys there is our basic

controls and cabin walkthrough of our

KX19-4, hopefully, you’ve found any of the

components you’re looking for in this

video. If you’re still stuck and need

some assistance please get in contact

with your local depot as soon as

possible so we can help you and get your

machine and your project moving as soon

as possible. Thank you ever so much for

joining me but until the next episode,

take care bye bye for now.

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