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Hello everyone and welcome back to our excavator series and in today’s video

we’re going to go over a full cabin

walkthrough of our 3 Tonne excavator that we

offer here at the WHC Hire. Let us run

you through absolutely everything so you

can familiarize yourself with the


so you get the absolute most out of your

hire. To start with we need to get

ourselves into the machine. To start with

we need to open the door and ensure it’s

secured safely and then we can use three

points of contact to enter the machine.

Now safely in the machine, let’s get you

familiarized with your surroundings. The

left pilot control controls the arm of

the machine. Pushing forward will extend

the arm further away from the machine

pulling back we’ll bring it closer.

You can also rotate the machine on its

current position by choosing either nine

o’clock or three o’clock on the clock

face on the left-hand pilot control.

Additionally on this pilot control

we’ve got our auxiliary button to

operate the auxiliary attachment if we

have one. And moving over to the right

hand side we’ve got our right pilot

control. This controls the boom of the

machine we pull back the boom comes

closer to the machine and we push away

it extends the boom further away. The

right-hand pilot also controls the

bucket as well.

Crowding the bucket we move the joystick

to the nine o’clock position

and that will crowd the bucket of the

machine. And then we’re ready to uncrowd

or unload the bucket

we choose three o’clock. Additionally on

this control we’ve got our horn that can

be accessed by pushing the horn button. From

here, you’ve got them right in front of

you, you’ve got your track controls which

control your tracks underneath you. Below

that you’ve got your track foot pedals

so if you’re tracking over a long

distances you can use these instead of

using your hands.To the right of your

tracking peddles you’ve got your slew

pedal which allows you to change the

position of the boom to assist you in

your operation. This pedal also has a

second feature which operates any

auxiliary attached to the machine and

this can be done by pressing the

auxiliary button found on the left hand

pilot control. To the right of your track

controls you’ve got your key code

ignition and hydraulics control.

Coming further back towards your right

hand pilot control we’ve got our dozer

blade. Now this dozer blade operates two

features of the machine, the dozer


we push downwards it lowers the dozer,

and we pull back

it lifts the dozer off the ground. On a

dozer blade lever you’ll see that there

is a button which allows you to change

the speed at which you transport the

machine in.

Push it once it will immediately go into

fast track mode, speeding the machine up

we’ll push it again it will slow us down

so that we can control the machine far

more delicately.

Going back from that ,just under your

right-hand wrist rest for your pilot

control we’ve got our heads-up display.

This heads-ups display shows us all our

warning lights as well as our revs our

fuel and also the hours of the machine.

To the right of that, we’ve got our

throttle where we can change the revs of

the machine depending on what we’re


And just a bit lower than the heads up

display we’ve got our ignition. Now

moving back over to left-hand pilot

control, underneath the wrist rest, we’ve

got our operational buttons. We’ve got

our beacon lights, we’ve got our

headlights for when we’re working in low

light situations, our windscreen wiper

and finally we’ve got our lift warning

buzzer deactivator with our 12 volt

outlet. And finally, before we jump out

the machine, is our excavator operators

features and in this machine comes with

a built-in heater which can be found and

operated just under the left hand side

of the operator’s seat.

And there you go guys there are the

operational features and a full cabin

walkthrough to help you familiarize

yourself with a 3 Tonne excavator.

Hopefully, this video will help you

troubleshoot most problems that you’ll

come across using this machine but if

you’re still stuck after this video

please feel free to get in contact with

Your local depot so we can get you up

and running as soon as possible. Thank

you ever so much again for joining me,

until the next video take care and bye

bye for now.

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