Cabin Walkthrough & Operation (6T Excavator)

6T Excavator (Kubota KX060-5)

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Hello and welcome back to our excavator series

and in today’s video we’re going to take

you through a full cabin walkthrough and

operational features of our

KX60-5 our 6 Tonne excavator from WHC Hire

 Now to get ourselves familiarize

the machine we need to jump into the

cockpit to get started.

Now when entering the machine use three

points of contact.

And getting in our driver’s seat first

thing we need to do is just pop our seat

belt on which you’ll find on your left

hand side.

And welcome to the cockpit.

In front of you

can have a range of different controls

that control the excavator how it

operates. The left-hand pilot control

controls the arm of the machine.

Pushing it forward extends the arm away

from the machine, pulling it back

brings it closer.

It also operates the turning of the


Nine o’clock will rotate the machine 180

degrees to the left,

and to the right we’ll rotate the

machine 180 degrees to the right.

Also on this machine we’ve got a button

which controls the secondary auxiliary

output as well as the operation of that

output too.

The right hand pilot control controls

the boom of the machine.

Pulling it closer towards you will raise

the boom towards the machine

pushing it further away will lengthen the boom,

pushing it further away from the cockpit.

The right hand pilot control also

controls the crowding and uncrowding of

the bucket. To crowd the bucket simply

choose nine o’clock on the pilot control

which will crowd the bucket all the way


And in an uncrowd or unload the bucket

it’s three o’clock.

On the right hand pilot control we’ve

also got some additional buttons on it,

we have our horn

and we have our attachment selection

which allows us to change between

auxiliary output and a bucket.

We can also operate our auxiliary one

output by the toggle switch on the right

hand to pilot control.

Then right in front of you we’ve got our

track levers that control your the

tracks of the machine. The left control

and left the right controlling the right,

as well as track pedals below which can

be opened out

allowing you to track across sites using

your feet only.

And just to the right of the track

pedals we’ve also got our boom slew

which is underneath a little pedal on

the right hand side by pushing down on

the left-hand side will slow the boom to

the left

and then to the right we’ll slow it back

to the right hand side.

And thats your boom slew.

Above that we’ve got our heads up

display this is where all the internal

features of the machine are, any warning

lights or anything like that will come

up on here if there’s a problem with the

machine but also this is where we’ll be

able to access all those little bits of

the excavator that you may need to

select when operating the machine in a

particular way. And to do so you’re going

to need to use the toggle which is just

on the right hand side behind the right

hand pilot control. The top button allows

you to access the menu turn the toggle

left or right to select the operational

modes or the auxiliary outputs you’re

requiring to work with. You can confirm

the commands by pushing the toggle

switch inwards any issues you can push

the back button which is just below the

menu selection button beneath. Then just

behind that and a little bit further

back from the controls we’ve got our

light switch, we’ve got our beacon switch,

our auto idle,

our lifting warning,

our windscreen wipers and wind speed for

wiper fluid. And on this model from WHC

Hire we have a rear reversing camera

which can be operated on your heads-up

display by pressing the output button as


Behind that we’ve got our dozer operator

pushing forward will lower the dozer

pulling back we’ll lift the dough off

the floor. And then on top of the dozer

blade as the same with the smaller

diggers is our fast track button. By

pushing this it allows you to track

across site a lot faster.

Behind the dozer blade controller we’ve

got a heater, we’ve got our air

conditioning, and our fan operation.

Below those controls we’ve got our

throttle and then we’ve got our quick

hitch button. For more information on how

to operate the quick hitch please feel

free to click the link above to access

the tutorial on changing the bucket on

this machine. Finally next to our

throttle we’ve got our ignition where

our key needs to be entered when we’re

using the machine. And then back from our

ignition we’ve got our automatic DPF

button that is not to be touched unless

told to by one of our engineers. And

finally we have our safety stop switch

which is down on the left hand side of

the operator’s seat. Ensure that this is

pushed into the machine to start and in

an emergency can be pulled outwards to

stop the machine.

To restart the machine ensure that the

safety stop switch is pushed inwards

otherwise the machine will not start. And

there you go guys that is a full

walkthrough of our 6 Tonne excavator from

Kubota the

KX060-5. Now hopefully this video will

give you a really good idea of where all

the controls are how to access them but

if you’re still having any issues and

can’t find what you’re looking for then

please feel free to get in contact with

your local depot as soon as possible so

we can get you up and running. Thank you

ever so much for joining me for this

tutorial hopefully it’s been useful and

we look forward to helping you soon. But

until then take care and bye for now. 

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