Daily Operational Checks Mini Digger (1.5T Excavator)

1.5T Excavator (Kubota KX19-4)

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Hello and welcome back to our excavator series

here at WHC Hire, and in today’s video

we’re going to go over the

pre-operational checks you should be

doing on one of our Kubota KX19 mini

digger. When you receive your machinery

for the first time from WHC you’ve got

absolutely no worries our in-house

Engineers will do a full PDI service and

check over the whole machine so it’s

ready to go as soon as it’s delivered to

you. But if you’ve got the machine over

for a period of a couple of days maybe

even weeks these pre-operational checks

will ensure that the machine will run

smoothly every single day. So without

further, ado let’s get ourselves stuck

into these pre-operational checks and

get you up and running for your day’s


So first of all we’re going to do our

visual checks of the machine starting on

the left hand side working up the dipper

and then down the boom checking all the

hydraulic rams making sure there are no

leakages any cracks in and around the

machine. Double checking the dozer blade

that everything’s okay there and then

working our way around the machine

coming up on the right-hand side doing

exactly the same inspection on the arm

as well and also down the boom.

Once you’re happy with your visual

checks come around to the back of the

machine where we can do our levels and

fluid checks.

Opening up the bonnet at the bottom here

we’ve got our dipstick

then we’ve got our coolant

and we’ve also got our fuel filter.

Next we just need to check our hydraulic


You’ll find that on the left-hand side

of the machine.

Now your hydraulic fluid indicators on

the left-hand side of the machine just

below the seat.If you’ve got the

boom settled in the service position as

as shown on the screen right now, you

should expect to see the hydraulic fluid

anywhere between half and full.

Now we’ve done our hydraulic fluid

checks we can do our electrical tests

which requires us to jump into the

cabin and we’ll do some safety checks at

the same time. So to jump into the cabin

you must use three points of contact.

To get ourselves into the machine we

need to first make sure that the seat

belt works it’s found on your left hand


Once you’re happy with that

pop your key in position one to double

check the lights.

Pop your lights on which you’ll find on

your dash on your right-hand side.

Double check that the Beacon’s working

above you. When you are sure those electrical

tests and the safety test of your seat

belt is correct

turn the machine off.

Undo your seat belt and exit the machine

to begin the greasing process.

Now to start a greasing process it’s

always best to start at the front of the

machine and work yourself back. Starting

on the hitch going through all the

grease nipples also on the hydraulic

rams along the arm and down the boom

you’ll also find some greasing points in

around the kingpin and also the dozer


once all of the grease nipples

have been greased, you’ve also got your

track ones as well on both sides. The

grease gun for this machine can be found

in the under-storage compartment

underneath this seat. You will require

the operator’s key to access it.

And there you go guys those are the

pre-operational checks from one of our

Kubota mini diggers here at the WHC

Hire, now if during any of these

pre-operational checks you come into any

problems at all, please contact your

local WHC Depot so we can organize

getting the issue sorted for you. Thank

you ever so much for joining me if

you’re looking for any more tutorials on

this machine then please feel free to

click the link above. Until next time

guys take care bye for now

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