Daily Operator Checks 3T Excavator (Kubota KX27-4)

3T Excavator Kubota KX27-4

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Hello everyone and welcome back to our excavator series, and this video is dedicated to go over the daily operation and checks you should be doing for one of our KX 27-4 3T excavators from WHC Hire.

Let’s get straight into it and we’re going to start with our visual checks of the machine. We’re going to start on the left-hand side and all the way around the excavator. So start with the bucket, check the integrity of the bucket and also the arm and the boom of the machine. Checking all the hydraulic rams are in good working condition and ensuring that there are no leakages from any of them either. Bit further down we’ll check the dozer blade. Again we check the hydraulic ram that operates it that no leakages from there.

And check the tracks as we go down the left-hand side of the machine. Also at the same time double-check the integrity of the cabin as well and also checking the bodywork as well to ensure that that’s in good condition.

As we move around to the rear of the machine we can check the beacons are intact. So on the rear of the machine do exactly the same with the bodywork, and also we’re going to check the glass panels as we move down the right-hand side of the excavator. Follow me.

As we move down this side we can check the mirrors, we can also check the tracks, and then we’re going to do exactly what we did on the opposite side, and we going check the other side of the boom and the arm of the excavator again checking the hydraulic rams for any leakages as we go.

Once we’ve done that you’ve finally completed your visual checks we can move on to our fluids and levels checks, and this will require to open up a few service compartments on the excavator. To do so, follow me.

So now we’re round at the back of the machine and we’re going to open up the first service hatch which is just below here. And from here we can see our engine coolant, we can also access our oil dip stick on the engine and oil filler cap. As well as of our fuel filter which is just down here at the bottom.

Now once you’re happy with those levels you can close up the rear service hatch and we’re going to move round to the right-hand side of the excavator where you’re going to need your operator’s key to access the fuel filler cap and also the hydraulic fluid. Let me show you.

So here we are on the side of the machine we need our excavator key, and we’re going to pop it in here which will unlock the bonnet of the machine under here which will lock into place automatically for you.

Here we’ve got our hydraulic fluid which could be filled here and that is read just underneath here. Also, we can service our battery. And this is where we can access the fuel filler cap which is just here as well underneath the bonnet.

Once you’re happy with all those checks simply lift up the silver lever to close the bonnet and ensure that it’s secured correctly. Now we’ve done all our fuels and levels checks all we need to do now is our final electrical and safety tests. To do so we need to enter the cabin of the machine.

Now we’re ready to jump in the machine just open the door and make sure that we lock it securely on the side, and then we use the handlebars on the outside and the inside of the excavator to help us get in so we can keep our three points of contact.

So now that you’re safely and comfortably in the excavator seat the first safety test we need to do is make sure that this seat belt works correctly. So we’re going to pop that on and we’re just going to test that that works correctly. So once it’s engaged just give it a quick tug to ensure that it works then you can release it.

Then we need to do our final electrical and safety tests. So we’re going to need our operator key, pop it into the ignition turn it to position one only. Now we’re going to turn on both our headlights and also our beacon and ensure that those are working correctly before we go any further. We can also check that there’s enough fuel in the machine on your heads-up display.

Once you’re happy with those electrical tests you can key off and exit the machine using three points of contact.

Now we’ve completed our electrical and also our safety test the final thing we need to do is ensure that this machine is greased correctly. You’ll find the greasing nipples for this machine up and down the arm and the boom of the excavator, and in and around the dozer and the body of the cabin. Ensure that they’re all adequately greased but for more information on this please refer to the operator’s manual which you’ll find underneath the excavator operator seat.

And there you go guys those are the daily operational checks for one of these 3-ton KX 27-4 excavators here at WHC Hire. Now if you come into any problems whilst going through your operator’s checks then you must get in contact with your local WHC Hire depot as soon as possible so we can ensure the machinery is safe for you to use before starting the work. Also, you can access a wealth of step-by-step guides for this machine by scanning the QR code that you’ll find inside the excavator’s cabin.

Thank you ever so much for joining me on this video and until the next one take care and bye-bye for now

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