Daily Operators Checks- 1T Hi-Tip Dumper (Thwaites)

1T Hi-Tip Dumper

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Hello and welcome back to our dumper series
here at WHC Hire. With me today I’m going
to take you through the pre-operational
checks of one of our one 1T hi-tip dumpers from Thwaites.

To start with
we’re going to do our visual checks of
the machine.
We’re going to start on the left hand
side and work all the way around the
And what we’re looking for is any damage
that wasn’t there the last time that we
used it. Double checking the skip
checking the tread on any of the tires
checking the guards
footwells so we can enter the machine
safely. Then moving around to the back
of the machine. So here we want to make
sure that the lynch pins are in
correctly for the ROPS bar
making sure it’s all secure.
Double-checking the back of the machine
all the bodywork and just completing
the same thing on this side. Bodywork
checking the tires checking the treads
no slashing in the tyres. Footwells, making
sure you’ve got no leakages visual
leakages or any spills at all from where
the machine’s been sat overnight. Or a
period of time it hasn’t been used.
And once we’ve done that and checked the
other side of the skip we’re now ready
to move on to our fluids and our levels
checks. To do so we need to go round to
the cabin and the machine to open up the
service hatch to commence your fluids
and levels checks. What we need to do is
expose the engine so we’re going to lift
up the operator seat by releasing the
to reveal the engine. Now in here we’ve
got our battery,
our fuel filling cap and fuel gauge. Be
sure those are filled up before you
We’ve got our air filter and our fuel
Our oil dipstick,
if we need to put any more oil in the
machine then the oil filler cap is on
top of the engine.
And finally our hydraulic fluid.
Once happy with all those checks and the
levels are correct
you can lower the seat down.
So you’re ready to begin your final
electrical and safety checks and to do
this we need to jump ourselves straight
into the machine using three points of
contact. Now comfortably in your seat
check your seat belt works and remember
the machine will not move unless the
seat belt is engaged. cCompliance is shown
by the green beacon above you flashing
when the machine is turned on.  And once you are
happy with that you can take out your
operator’s key and pop it in the
ignition and turn it to position one.
Let’s double-check that the beacons are
working correctly. Remember that green
beacon if it’s not flashing you’re not
compliant with the safety regulations.
Ensure that seat belt’s on and you’ll be
ready good to go. Finally the last test
you need to do is the horn.
And once you’re happy that that works
correctly you can key off,
you can take off your seat belt,
and you can exit the machine using three
points of contact.
And there you go everyone that is the
pre-operational start checks for one of
1t hi tip dumpers from WHC Hire

Now when doing your
pre-operational checks you come into any
problems at all, please get in contact
with your local depot as soon as
possible so we can ensure that the
machinery is safe for you to use for
your project. Thank you ever so much for
joining me if you are struggling with
any other aspects of this machine please
check out our full playlist that’s
available on our website. And we look
forward to seeing you in the next video
take care bye-bye for now

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