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9T Dumper

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Hello and welcome back to our dumper series.
And in today’s video we’ve got the 9 Tonne Thwaites dumper with us and we’re
going to cover all of the daily
pre-operational checks for this machine.
Now when doing these checks if you come
across any problems, you must stop using
the machinery immediately, and get in
contact with your local WHC Hire Depot
to ensure that the machinery is safe for
you to use. On that note let’s crack on
with the video and go through these
daily checks to start with we’re going
to do our visual checks of the machine.
I’m going to start on one side of the
machine and work all the way around what
we’re looking for here is any damage
that wasn’t there the last time we used
the machine. So checking the skip for any
holes any damage. The tires, making sure
there are no slashes are they and they’re
inflated correctly. Checking the mud
guards. And when you’re coming around to
the steps of the cabin ensure that
there’s no debris on them that they’re
safe and they’re easily accessible.
Again looking at the rear tire the rear
left tire double checking for any
slashes and then working my way around
to the back of the machine.
Ao as we come around we’ll double check
the lights make sure that they’re intact
on the outside the bodywork of the rear
of the machine. And the lights on the
other side, and once we’ve done that we
can work our way down the other side of
the machine to be sure everything’s okay
ready to go.
Just doing our final check for the tires
and all the body work. Just double check
there’s no leakage in either coming from
underneath a skip or underneath the main
part of the articulated body.
And once you’re happy with that you’ve
completed your visual checks and you’re
ready to move on to your fluids and your
levels checks. To do so we need to access
the cabin to reach the engine of the
machine follow me.
To begin our fluids and levels checks we
need to access underneath the operator’s
seat. To do so we need to lift up the
hatch by pulling this lever so as we
raise this operator seat up it’ll expose
the whole engine. In the machine
here we can do all our checks for our
levels and our fluids
your engine dipstick is here.
And you can refill the oil level here.
Also we’ve got our fuel filler cap,
our fuel level reader,
our air filter,
and our engine coolant.
Now you’ve done all your fluids levels
checks we can now lower the operator’s
seat to start our final checks which is
our electrical and our safety tests.
To lower the bonnet just simply close it
and it will lock automatically into
place. To get ourselves
into this cabin we need to ensure that
when we get into the machine we use
three points of contact to do so. You’ll
find handles on the side of the control
panel and also the operator seat to help
Double check that the linchpins are
secured correctly on the ROPS bar on
both sides of the dumper.
From here you can also double-check the
beacons are secured correctly prior to them
turning on in your electrical tests.
Now safely and comfortably in your
seat, we need to do our seat belt test.
So release your seat belt and engage it
on the opposite side.
Once you’re happy with that
you can take your ignition key out to do
your final electrical tests pop your key
into the ignition and turn it to
position one.
For safety reasons the dumper will not
operate without the seat belt engaged.
Compliance is shown by the green beacon
above you which should be flashing. If
that beacon is not flashing this machine
will not turn on.
You’re okay now to turn the machine off
and key off.

┬áNow that we’ve keyed off the
the machine is all ready and raring to go.
All we need to do is double-check that
the Hydraulics work on the skip when the
machine is running. To do so that you’ll
need to follow the startup procedure and
then double check that the skip works by
using the skip controls on the left hand
side of the operator’s seat. For more
details please be sure to check out our
Handover video for a full explanation of
how to do this.
Once you’ve completed those checks
you can release your seat belt
and exit the machine using three points
of contact.
And there you go guys that is our daily
operations checks for one of our 9 Tonne here at WHC Hire.
Like I mentioned before if you come into
any problems whilst doing these checks
you need to get in contact with your
local Depot as soon as possible so we
can ensure the Machinery is safe for you
to use. Otherwise you’re up ready raring
to go. Thank you ever so much for joining
me today in this tutorial video for more
videos like this or more tutorials on
how to get the most out of this machine.
Please be sure to check out our full
playlist on our website. Thank you so
much again for joining me until the next
video take care bye bye for now

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