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Micro Excavator

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Hello everyone and welcome back to our excavator series

and in today’s video, we’re going to look

at the daily checks that you should

expect to be doing when hiring a micro

Digger. Now, every time you hire a piece

of equipment from WHC hire, our in-house

engineers will do a full service and

full check on the Machinery before it’s

delivered, so you’ve got no worries. But

if you’re looking to hire the machine

for a couple of days or so or even a

long-term hire then following these

daily checks will ensure that your

machinery runs perfectly every time. And

on that note let’s just get started

first, we’re going to do our visual check

starting with the bucket up the dipper

and down the boom to the machine

we’re checking the dozer as well as making

sure there’s no obvious damage. Work

around the side of the machine around to

the back checking the tracks, the rear of

the machine

and then all the way down the boom and

down the dipper again onto the other

side. Now we’ve done our external checks

we’re going to move on to our internal

fluids and levels checks and this we can

find underneath the seat in the

operator’s cabin. We simply open the

latch and lift up

to expose the engine of the machine. Now

under our bonnet, we’ve got our dipstick

so we can check our oil levels we’ve got

our fuel filter which is under here.

We’ve got our coolant levels which is up

here at the back

and finally down here at the bottom

we’ve got our engine fuel. The last

check we need to do before we drop the

cabin hood is the hydraulic fluid which

you’ll find on the left hand side of the


The hydraulic level reader is on the left

hand side of the engine machine and if

the machine’s boom is in the service

position as shown you should be looking

For a reading in the middle of the

hydraulic fluid indicator.

And once you’ve checked all of those

levels it’s okay now to close the engine‚Äôs

bonnet. Simply just release it with the

catch underneath the engine

and close secure automatically now we’re

going to move on to checking all our

grease points which is the final part

before entering the machine.

Now to start our daily greasing process

we’re going to start at the Dipper and

work our way back on the machine working

out all the grease nipples on along

above and below the dipper,

down on the Dozer blade

and also if required on the tracks as


The grease gun for this machine can be

found at the rear of the cabin

once you’ve finished using it please put

it back and make sure it’s locked safely.

And those are all the daily checks that

we need to do it externally on the machine

now we’re going to just jump into the

cabin and do our last final checks

before getting the machine started and

ready to work to get into the cabin make

sure that we use three points of contact

at all times

Once comfortably in your seat we

need to make sure that the seat belt

works we’ll find on the left-hand side

ensure it works correctly, now we’ve done

our operator’s checks we’re ready to

start the machines engine and get

started with the work.

And there you go guys that is our

pre-operational checks for one of our

Kubota u10-5 from WHC Hire, we will be

back very soon with more tutorials on

the Micro excavator from whc higher and

if you’re having any problems in the

meantime you should find most of the

answers right here in our playlist above

or alternatively, give your local Depot a

call. Until next time guys, take care bye

for now.

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