How To Change A Bucket 3T Kubota Excavator (KX27-4)

3T Excavator Kubota KX27-4

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Hello everyone and welcome back to our excavator series, and in this video I’m going to show you how to change a bucket on one of these 3-ton Kubota KX 27- 4s.

To start with you’re going to need your operator key and you need to get yourself into the cabin follow me. Right as always when we get into our machine and we make sure we use three points of contact.

Now we’re safely in the machine just pop your seat belt on and then you can begin your pre-art sequence. Now that the machine is running we going to drop our left arm armrest and we’re going to pick up the bucket using our boom.

And then we’re going to come over to our quick hitch button what we’re going to do is crowd the bucket all the way around to the left-hand side. Go over to on our quick hitch and then engage the unlock button. You’ll see that the other buttons will light up. And we going to crowd the bucket all the way around to the left to release the pins.

Now that you can see that the pins are released you can lower your bucket to the floor. Now you can move to your new bucket or new attachment and couple up as normal. And then what you want to do is crowd it all the way around on itself as far as it will go. And now we need to hit the lock button on the quick hitch controls. Once we’ve hit that button, crowd the bucket around and you’ll see that the pins will engage properly.

And then complete a small shake test and put a bit of pressure through the bucket on the floor to ensure that it’s connected correctly.

You now have successfully changed the bucket on your three-ton excavator from WHC Hire.

And there you go, guys, that is the correct procedure to change one of the buckets on one of our 3-Ton excavators the KX 27-4 from WHC Hire. Now if you come into any more problems or need any more help on-site with your machinery feel free to scan the QR code that you’ll find inside the machine for more step-by-step help guides.

For more information or any extra help feel free to contact your local depot as soon as possible so we can make sure that we get your bucket changed on your excavator. Thank you very much for joining me and until the next video take care and bye-bye for now.

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