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Hello everyone and welcome back to our excavator series

and in today’s tutorial we’re going to

look at how we change a bucket on one of

Our 3 Tonne excavators from WHC

Hire. Now to start with we need to get

ourselves into the excavator and get it


We enter the machine by using three

points of contact.

Once comfortably in your seat we pop

our seat belt on.

And we ensure that our left arm armrest

is up so we can start our startup


Once the machine is running we drop our

left-hand armrest.

And then we’ll begin our changing the

bucket sequence. First of all we’re just

going to pick up the boom

and crowd the bucket on itself.

So that’s our joystick, our right

hand joystick to nine o’clock. To

disengage the hitch we simply hit a

quick hitch button which is down on our

right-hand side underneath our joystick.

Crowd the bucket again to nine o’clock for

three seconds. Now the bucket itself is

unlocked and ready to change so simply

lower the bucket to the floor gently.


And to lock quick hitch we simply

engage the hitch button again and crowd

our joystick to nine o’clock on the

machine. Now once you’ve travelled and got

to your new bucket and repositioned

yourself and you’re ready to unlock the

hitch again you just follow exactly the

same procedure. Unlock the hitch

crowd to nine o’clock

so the hitch unlocks itself.

And then simply pick up your new bucket

with your with your excavator

Once you’ve picked up your bucket, crowd

it all the way around to nine o’clock

and re-engage the lock button.

Crowding the bucket one more time

you’ll hear the hitch lock and just to

double check that the bucket is securely

put on the excavator just simply put it

down put a bit of pressure through it

just to make sure it’s attached


And there you go guys that is how you

change one of our excavator buckets on

our 3 Tonne machines. Now if you have

any problems whilst changing your

buckets and you still need some help

please feel free to contact your local

WHC Hire Depot where we’ll be more than

happy to help you and walk you through

the whole process itself. Hopefully this

tutorial was useful if you’re looking

for any more help with your machine then

please feel free to check to our

playlist and we look forward to helping

you again soon. Till then take care bye

for now.

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