How To Change A Mini Digger Bucket (1.5T Excavator)

1.5T Excavator (Kubota KX19-4)

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Hello and welcome back to our excavator series

and in today’s episode, we’re going to

show you how to operate the hydraulic

quick hitch on our mini Digger the KX19-4

from Kubota. First, let’s start off we

need to get ourselves into the machine

and get it running.

When we get to the machine, quickly pop

on our seat belt,

making sure the left arm armrest is up

so we can turn on the machine.

Soon as the machines started we can drop our

left arm rest.

The first thing we need to do is pick up

 the boom and bucket making

sure that the actual arm is at 90

degrees and then we’re going to do

is pop our quick hitch button. As soon as

we turn that button on. The colour of the

button is going to turn orange and you

can hear an audible sound. So all we need

to do is crowd the bucket on itself

until you hear a click. That’s the quick

hitch disengaging and you’ll see

that the color of the button

of a quick hitch turns to red. Now the

bucket is unlocked we can lower the arm

and the boom of the machine to release

the bucket.

Now we’ve dropped off our bucket we can

now re-lock our hitch

and you’ll see the pins

move back into the locking position. Now

when we want to pick up our new bucket

simply open the quick hitch again, you’ll

hear all the audible tone.

Make sure that the pins are open.

Now you have picked up the bucket, make sure that we

crowd it all the way back in on itself.

Lock  your new bucket by

flicking the quick hitch button and then

we’re going to hold our lever to nine

o’clock to make sure

that the bucket is secured and the

second pin locks. Test the bucket to make

sure it’s secure properly. To make sure

it’s secure we’re going to put a little bit

of pressure through it

not too much just enough

just to ensure that the bucket is

secured. Now your new bucket is

successfully attached to the hitch of

your mini digger. There we go

everyone that is the correct operation

of a quick hitch on our KX19-4 our mini

digger if you have any problems using

the machine or changing the buckets

anytime. Please get in contact with your

nearest depot where we’ll be more than

happy to help you. Thank you ever so much

guys, we look forward to helping you soon

take care bye for now

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