How To Operate 550KG Tracked Dumper (Kubota)

Hi-Tip Tracked Dumper 550kg (Kubota)

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Hello everyone and welcome back to our dumper series, and in this video I’m going to take you through how to operate one of these 550 kg track dumpers from WHC Hire.

This video is dedicated to get you the most out of your machinery, so I’m going to take you through all of the individual components, as well as cover all the controls that you’ll find on this particular machine.

Let’s start with the front of the machine where we’ve got our operator skip. Down each of the sides of the dumper, we’ve got our rubber tracks. In the middle, we’ve got our lifting mechanism. And then at the back on the rear end, the business end, we’ve got our operator controls, as well as our bonnet which houses the machine’s engine. Finally, right at the back, we have our footplate, which we will stand on when we’re operating the machinery.

Right, let’s get into these main controls of this track dumper, and you’re going to find these in between the handlebars on the main part of the console. We’re going to work on these levers from left to right, so first up we’ve got our left track control. Followed by our right-track control, which is the next lever. You can use these two levers together to enable you to manoeuvre the machine.

Right in the middle is our fast-track lever. When we push that forward, it’ll engage the fast-track mode of the machine. To disengage, just pull it back into a neutral position. Next up is our skip controls. The first one is to raise the skip up. Now if we want to raise the skip up we’re going to pull the lever towards us, which will raise the skip off the ground. Then to lower, we push it away from us. The final lever we’ve got, on the right-hand side, is our skip controls. By pushing it forward, it will lift the skip upwards to unload. Then, pull it back towards you to lower it into the transportation mode.

Those are the main controls for the dumper itself, now below that on our control panel, on the left-hand side, we’ve got a red lever which operates the choke of the engine. Pushing it down will close the choke allowing you to start the engine. Then to disengage it, we just pull it up.

On the right-hand side we’ve got our throttle lever. Make sure it’s all the way up when you’re trying to start the engine, into this tortoise mode. Then when we want to increase our revs, we simply push it downwards to increase them.

Below that on our lower panel, on the left-hand side, we’ve got a measure of the machine’s hours. Next to that, we’ve got our ignition, where our operator’s key goes. Then on the right-hand side of that, we’ve got our machine’s horn.

Those are all the basic console controls that you’re going to find on this tracked dump. Now besides those controls, we’ve also got access to our bonnet with our bonnet lever just here. Which is released by pushing the lock button. Then below that, we’ve got our pull cord in case we need to pull start the petrol engine of this track dumper.

So the next thing you’re going to want to know is how to refill the machine just in case you need to do so. In this case, just open up the bonnet, and you’ll find the petrol fill filler cap on top of the engine, just inside here. Once you’ve finished, just close up the bonnet and ensure that it locks securely.

The final component on how to use it, is the footplate. If you want to lower the footplate, simply pull it slightly towards you, and it’ll lower it gently, so you can stand on it. Then when you’re done, just lift it up, and you’ll feel it lock into place and it’ll be ready for transportation.

Those are all the basic controls and how to use them on one of our hi-tip 550 kg track dumpers from WHC Hire. Hopefully, this video has given you a good clear indication of how to operate the machine safely. Remember when operating this machinery you should always do it from the footplate and keep three points of contact at all times.

If for whatever reason you come into any more problems whilst operating this machinery then feel free to scan the QR code that you’ll find on this dumper to access a wealth of free step-by-step guides to assist you. Thank you ever so much for joining me in this video, and until the next one take care, and bye-bye for now.

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