How To Operate A Keycode Ignition (3T Excavator)

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Hello everyone and welcome back to WHC Hire

my name is Sean and in today’s episode

we’re going to have a little look at how to

operate a key code ignition on a JCB

3 Tonne excavator. The keycode

immobilizer is there for added security

to ensure that the machine doesn’t get

stolen at any time. Now to operate the

key code ignition first we need to get

ourselves into the machine. To do that we

need to make sure that the left arm

rest is upwards and we enter the machine

with three points of contact.

The first thing we need to do is pop our

seat belt on.

Now we’ve got ourselves into the machine

we’re going to pop the key into the

excavator and turn to position one.

Start here, the machine will start buzzing

it’s going to ask us now for our four-digit

unique code to enter to unlock the

machine. To do so we go down our keypad

which is on the right-hand side, we push

the MD button followed by your unique

hire code that you’ll be given when

you hire the machine.

Once you’ve put that four-digit code in

you press ENTER.

Then back to your key

and hold it slightly over into position

two just to warm and prime the engine

after about five to ten seconds turn it

all the way

to start the machine.

The machine now is running. What we want to

make sure before we would drop our arm

rest is we keep our legs in so

we don’t actually touch any of the


And once we’ve got our armrest down now

we’re ready to unlock the hydraulics

which is the button just below the


The machine is now ready to use

and operate.

And there we go guys that is how to

operate one of our key code ignitions on

our JCB 3 Tonne excavators. Now whilst

hiring the machine if you have any

problems please feel free to give one of

our highest experts a call at your local

depot. Thank you ever so much for joining

me and until next week take care and bye

bye for now

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