How To Start 1T Hi-Tip Dumper (Thwaites)

1T Hi-Tip Dumper

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Hello and welcome back to our dumper series
today we’ve got our Thwaites 1T Hi
tip dumper with us and what we’re going
to do is cover how to start the machine
correctly and safely.
If you’re having any problems starting
the machine then follow this procedure
to ensure the machine starts safely and
correctly. To start with we’re going to
jump ourselves straight into the machine.
Now to enter the machine what we’re
going to do is use three points of
Now when safely in your seat
you need to ensure that you pop your
seat belt on otherwise the machine will
not move at all. Now we’re ready to begin
our startup sequence.
First two checks we need to do before we
can get the machine started to ensure
that it’s in neutral and ensure that the
the emergency stop button is pulled outwards.
Now we can begin priming our engine
which we’ll take our operator key and
we pop it into the ignition and hold it
to the left-hand side for five to ten
Once we’ve primed the engine we can
release and then we turn the ignition to
position one followed by position two to
start the engine
You’ve now successfully started your
Thwaites 1t dumper. Once you have finished with the machine

Simply key off, and remove the key from the ignition,
release the seat belt.
and you can exit the machine using three
points of contact.
And there you go guys that is the
correct startup procedure for one of our
1T hi-tip dumpers from Thwaites.
here at WHC hire. Now if you come into
any other issues whilst during this
startup sequence then please get in
contact with your local Depot as soon as
possible. Thank you ever so much for
joining us today in this tutorial video
and we look forward to helping you in
the next until then take care bye bye
for now.

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