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3T Dumper

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Hello and welcome to our dumper series here at
WHC Hire. In this tutorial video we’re
going to take you through the full
correct process to start one of our
3t Thwaites dumpers. Now to get you
up and running we need to jump ourselves
into the driver’s seat to get started. To
enter the machine safely we’re going to
use three points of contact.

Now when safely in your seat
release a seat belt
and engage it
on the other side. Please note that the
machine will not move or operate without
the seat belt engaged correctly. To show
compliance when the machine is running
the green beacon will flash.
Now prior to priming the engine we need
to do a couple of quick checks. Ensure
that the machine is in neutral
and ensure that the handbrake is engaged.
Now all we’re going to do is we’re going
to take our operator’s key and we’ll pop
it into the ignition and begin our
priming sequence.
To start the process we’re going to turn
the key to the left-hand side for five
to ten seconds. Now the machine is ready
to turn on.
Simply turn the key to position one,
and then followed by position two.
Now the machine is started you’re ready
to start your day’s work. Remember the
seat belt of this machine must always be
engaged for the machine to move.
If you come into any other difficulties
of starting the machine always check
that the machine is in neutral and the
handbrake is engaged.
When you’re ready and you finish with
the dumper you can simply turn it off,
release your seat belt,
and exit the machine using three points
of contact.
And there you go everyone that is the
correct startup procedure for one hour
3T Thwaites dumpers here at WHC
Hire. Thank you ever so much for
joining me. And if you are looking for
any other issues to troubleshoot with
this machine, check out our full playlist
on our website. Thank you again for
joining me take care bye-bye for now.

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