How to Start 3T Kubota KX27-4 Excavator

3T Excavator Kubota KX27-4

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Hello everyone and welcome back to our excavator series. And in today’s video, I’ve got our Kubota KX 27-4 with me and we’re going to go over the correct start of procedure for this machine.

So if you’re ready follow along with me and we’ll get started. Right, so to enter the machine safely we need to make sure the door is open and and locked securely. And now we can use the handlebars provided on the outside of the machine and inside the cab to assist us with our three points of contact to enter the machine.

Now we safely and comfortably in your seat first thing we need to do is pop your seat belt on. Now please be aware this machine may not start without that seat belt correctly engaged. Now we’re ready to do our final pre-operational start checks.

So ensure that the left arm armrest is up, and also that the kill switch which you’ll find on your dashboard is pushed down.

Now we can take out our operator’s key and pop it into the ignition and turn it to position one. Here we’re just going to let the electrical system and the priming system do what it needs to do. After about 5 or 10 seconds we can turn the key to position two to start the machine.

You now have successfully started your excavator. When you’re finished with the excavator simply key off and remove the key from the ignition and then you can exit the machine using three points of contact.

And there you go everyone, that is the correct start up procedure for one of our KX 27-4 3 Tonne excavators here at WHC Hire. Now if during your hire come into any more issues feel free to access a wealth of free knowledge and step-by-step tutorials by scanning the QR code that you’ll find inside the machine.

Alternatively please get in contact with your local WHC Hire Depot for more help and information. Thank you ever so much for joining me once again and until the next video take care and bye-bye for now.

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