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Hello and welcome back to our dumper series
and with me today we’ve got our six tonne
swivel tip dumper from Thwaites. What
we’re going to do today is cover the
correct start up procedure for this
machine. So to begin with we need to get
ourselves straight into the cabin to get
going. Follow me. to correctly get started
we need to make sure we enter the
machine using three points of contact.
We have handlebars on the side of the
driving console and also the operator
seep to help us.

The first thing you need to do is pop
your operators seat belt on.
Please note that this Thwaites dumper
will not move without that seat belt
being engaged. It is part of the safety
compliance of the machine. Once we’ve got
that seat belt on we need to do a couple
of quick checks. Before starting the
machine ensuring that the gear ratio
lever is in the neutral position,
the gear lever is in the neutral
position in the middle.
And also that the handbrake is applied.
Once you’ve done those checks we can
take our operator’s key and pop it into
the ignition. And now we’re going to
start our priming sequence.
To start this sequence all we need to do
is turn our key to the left and hold it
for 5 to 10 seconds.
This allows the machine to prime the
engine ready for it to turn on. Once
you’ve held that there you can release
it. And when you’re ready to turn the
machine on you can turn the machine to
position one by turning it to the right
hand side.
Then followed by position two to
start the engine.
Now that the machine’s ready to move we
can double-check that the beacons are
working above us
to ensure that we’re compliant with the
safety procedures of the machine. If that
green beacon is flashing the machine is
ready to move. Now when you have finished with the
machine you can simply key off,
release your seat belt,
and exit the machine using three points
of contacts.
And there you go guys that is the
correct startup procedure for one of our
6T Thwaites swivel tip dumpers here at
WHC Hire. By following this simple
sequence you can guarantee that your
machine will start every single time. If
you come into any other issues with
this machine please feel free to check
out our full playlist on our website. Or
alternatively, if you’re still struggling
please get in contact with your local
Depot as soon as possible. Thank you ever
so much for joining me and until the
next video take care and bye for now.




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