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9T Dumper

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Hello and welcome back to our dumper series
and in today’s video, we’re going to go
over the full correct startup procedure
for one of our 9 Tonne Thwaites Dumpers.
To start with we need to make sure we
get into the machine safely
follow me and we’ll jump into the cabin.
To enter this machine safely we need to
ensure that we use three points of
contact to get into the cabin. Now when
comfortably in your seat the first thing
you need to do is ensure that you put
your seat belt on.
Just like the other dumpers in our fleet,
none of our thwaites dumpers will operate
without the seat belt being engaged.
Compliance is shown by the green beacon
been lit when the machine is turned on.
Before turning the machine on there’s a
couple of checks we need to make sure
that we do beforehand. Ensure that the
gear shaft is in the neutral position
and also the gear lever on the left hand
side of the steering wheel is in the
neutral middle position too.
Finally double check that the handbrake
is in place on your right hand side of
the operator seat.
Now we can pop our key into the ignition
and then what we’re going to do is we’re
going to start priming the engine.
To do so we need to turn the key to the
left and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds.
No matter how many times the dumper has been
started in the day you’re always required
to Prime the engine before turning it on.
So you’ve held that key there for five
to ten seconds you can now turn the key
to position one to start the electrics.
Pop your foot on the brake
and then turn the key to position two to
start the engine.
You’ve now successfully started your
thwaites 9T dumper the machine
itself is now ready for operation and
When you’re finished with your dumper
for the day
you can simply key off
release your seat belt
and exit the machine using three points
of contact.
And there you go everyone that is the
correct startup procedure for one of our
Thwaites 9 Tonne Dumpers here at WHC Hire. Now
if you’re having any more problems
getting this machine started then, please
get in contact with your local Depot as
soon as possible so we can get your
machine up and running and ready for
work. Thank you ever so much for joining
me in this tutorial video and we look
forward to helping you in the next. Until
then take care bye-bye for now.

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