How To Start A Mini Digger (1.5T Excavator)

1.5T Excavator (Kubota KX19-4)

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Hello and welcome back to our excavator series

and in today’s video we’re going to look

at the correct startup procedure for one

of our Kubota mini diggers. Now if you’re

stuck with any other aspects of using

this machine we’ll leave a link for the

playlist for all of our tutorials for

the mini digger hire above in this video.

To get this machine successfully started

we need to jump into the cabin to begin.

So to enter the cabin, first of all we

need to make sure that our left arm arm

rest is up and that we use three points

of contact to enter the machine.

Once in your seat

grab your seat belt

and make sure that secured correctly.

Now once comfortably in your seat

take your key and enter it into the ignition

and place it onto position one. On your

heads-up display we’re waiting for now

the engine priming light to turn off.

Once this is turned off we can now turn

the machine on now the machine is

running we can drop our left arm arm


increase our revs

and commence the work.

Once you have finished with the machine

pop it into a service position.

Lift up the left arm rest,

and turn the machine off.

Releave your seat belt and exit the

machine using three points of contact.

And there you go guys that is the

correct startup procedure for one of our

Kubota KX19-4 mini diggers. Now if you’re

using this tutorial and you come across any

problems, please feel free to contact

your local Depot so we can ensure we can

get your machine started and ready as

soon as possible. Thank you ever so much

for joining me and until the next

tutorial take care bye bye for now.

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