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Micro Excavator

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Hello and welcome back to our excavator series

here at WHC Hire. And in today’s video

what we’re going to do is help you

actually, familiarize yourself with the

components of our u10-5 micro Digger. By

the end of this video you have a good

idea of how the machine operates and

where all the features are within the

cabin. To start with let’s jump ourselves

into the machine to get going. Now let’s

get into the machine we need to make

sure that our left arm armrest or

the armrest that we’re entering the machine

is up, and we use three points of

contacts just to jump ourselves into the


And first of all before we start

anything we need to make sure that we’ve

got our seat belt on which we’ll find on

your left hand side.

Now safety in the machine let’s have a little

look at these controls, they’re exactly

the same setup as you would find in

either a mini digger or anything

slightly larger. The left pilot control

controls the arm of the machine pull it


brings the arm closer to the excavator

push it away

reaches further away we can also pivot

on our position where we are by turning

the excavator left and right

by choosing either nine o’clock or three


on the excavator’s pilot control. On the

right hand-side site it’s exactly the same

as the other diggers, it controls the


If we pull the pilot control towards us

the boom will move towards the machine

and if we push it further away

from us to 12 o’clock on the on a clock

face, it will extend the boom all the way


Now we can crowd and uncrown the bucket

by either selecting

nine o’clock to crowd the bucket and if

we’re looking to unload or uncrowd the

bucket it’s three o’clock. Just hold in the three o’clock position.

So now that’s our pilot controls as

standard, exactly the same as the mini

digger and all the larger machines. So

right in front of you, you’ve got your

dual controls for your tracks you see

the left one for the left tracker right

for the right both together go forward

both together go backwards and then you

can rotate the tracks of the machine by

choosing individual tracks operate

individual tracks one at a time. 

To the left of that, we’ve got our throttle which

is on the side of the housing and

right down at the bottom by your left

foot is your Fast Track panel. By pushing

this when you’re in transit or in

transport mode the machine will move

slightly faster to allow you to get

across site far more efficiently.

Coming back and over to the middle of

the console we’ve got our warning lights,

got our fuel lights, oil lights and

our battery light. Along with a

display of hours and RPM up on the dash.

And to the right of this, we’ve got our

dozer blade lever.

Pulling it forwards towards you to raise

the dozer blade and away from you to

lower it.

Moving down the side of the panel here

we’ve also got our ignition where our

key needs to be inserted.

Now the final control you want to be

aware of on a micro Digger is to be able

to select how wide you want your tracks

to be. Now this little lever that you’ll

find just between your feet at the

bottom of the console will allow you to

adjust the width of your tracks. To

adjust the tracks of your excavator you

will need to lift the tracks off the

floor to do so you need to swing the

boom all the way around to the opposite

Side so that you’ve got your Dozer blade at

your rear you’ve got your boom at the


Place your boom onto the floor as shown

apply a little bit of pressure to lift

the excavated tracks off the ground.

You can also balance this out by adding

a little bit more Dozer blade for extra


Pull the lever all the way to the right

to engage the track alteration

and use the Dozer blade lever to adjust

your width.

Now the final and one of the most

important things you will want to know

about this machine is how and where to

fuel it. To do so

lift up the bonnet

and on the left-hand side

is our fuel reservoir where we can fuel.

To close the cabin

simply click the latch underneath the


and lower gently

with it automatically locking for you.

And those are the features you’re going

to want to familiarize yourself to

operate the u10-5 micro digger from WHC

Hire. Thank you ever so much for

joining me. If you have any

more issues or you need any more help or

assistance please feel free to get in

contact with your local depot so we can

get you up and running as soon as

possible. Thank you once again for

joining me until the next time take care

bye bye for now. 

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