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Petrol Cut Off Saw

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Hello everyone and welcome back to our
resource centre, where today we’re going
to cover everything you need to know
about the petrol cut-off saw. Now just a
reminder all of WHC hire’s equipment is
fully tested and serviced before it’s
dispatched so when you receive your
the equipment it is in perfect working order.
Documentation of these machines are
kept at WHC including the vibration
output readings. If you require any of
this information for your business then
please speak to one of our friendly
advisers today. To start with we’re going
to go over the components of the machine.
Starting with the disk guard, then we’ve got our water
suppression system which comes down from
the front and is attached down the
bottom of the saw.
Here then we’ve got our handle,
our pull cord to start the
machine. Our fuel tank, our air
filter ,our start switch at the top. Our
throttle lock then we’ve got our primer
and our choke
system. Now before moving on to fitting
the blade we need to ensure that we have
the correct personal protection
equipment. To get start started you are
going to require safety gloves, goggles
protection, face masks, safety boots and
we always advise that you wear long
sleeve garments to protect yourself from
any flying debris. Now we’ve got our
personal protection equipment we’re
ready now to fit the blade correctly. To
do so you’re going to need to use the
spanner that is provided and either a
locking pin or a screwdriver to assist
you in stopping the flange from spinning.
So the first thing we need to do is lock
that flange, so we’re going to take our
locking pin and we’re going to go on the
outside of the machine,
into this position here which will securely lock the flange
in place. We’re now able to unlock the flange and locking
pin. Removing the one side of the flange
with the locking pin. Now ensure that you pop your disc
onto your petrol cut off soil the
correct way, which is indicated by the
arrow that’s on the blade itself. Pop
that straight on and it will sit nicely
onto the machine and then
secure the flange back on
correctly and using our spanner that’s
provided we can safely tighten the blade
Once the blade is on nice and tight you
can remove the locking pin. And you have
now successfully attached your cutting
blade. Now you’ve got your PPE in place
we’re ready to connect the water
suppression system and get ready to
start the machine. Pressurized water
bottles such as the ones shown on screen
right now can also be hired from WHC.
Alternatively you can attach a hose pipe
to the machine directly to begin the
start startup sequence we need to ensure
that the machine is in the correct start
position to begin grasp the throttle lock
and pull the start button towards you
and release. You’ll see and you’ll feel
that the throttle will lock into the
start position. Following this we need to prime
the engine. So we’re going to go around
to our little bubble and we’re going to prime the
engine five times. Once you’ve done that we need to
ensure that the choke is in the starting
position which will be all the way to
the left hand side. And now the machine is ready to
start. Place the machine in between your
legs and give the pull cord a good tug.
You may require to do this a couple of
times to get the machine started. Now
once the machine is running you can
disengage the choke and engage it into
tick over mode by pushing the throttle
Now when you finished with the machine
all you need to do is turn off your
suppression system by engaging the valve
and pushing the start button forward
into the off position. This will
completely cut the engine of the machine.
So by now you should have a really good
idea of all the components of the
machine, how to change the blade and also
how to correctly start it. Before you
get out there and start your projects
you’re going to need to know the correct
fuel that goes in these machines. Which
is a mixture of petrol and oil we call
two-stroke. The oil can be obtained from
any local WHC hire depot and if you’re
unsure of the ratio that is required,
then please refer to the operator’s
manual or speak to one of our advisers
at WHC. And there you go guys, that is a
complete walk through of how to use one
of our petrol cut off saws here at WHC
hire. Now if at any point you come into
any issues whilst using this machine do
get in contact with your local depot as
soon as possible so we can get you
sorted and your machinery up and running.
Thank you all so much for joining me and
until the next tutorial video take care
and bye-bye for now.

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