The Advantages of Compact Tractors 

Compact tractors come in all different shapes and sizes, making them suitable for all sorts of grounds maintenance tasks. Their versatility allows users to complete several tasks with the use of only one machine. Originally designed for the homeowner market, compact tractors have become the favoured choice for ground maintenance, agriculture and even construction usage. During this resource, we will uncover all the advantages of using a compact tractor and whether it is the right tool for your project. 

Compact Tractor Hire

Who is most likely to use a compact tractor?

Compact tractors have come a long way since their first design, only to become an integral part of some companies’ tool kits. But what types of companies would choose to use a compact tractor? Compact tractors are for the following tasks:


Transporting abnormal loads which cannot be done by hand. The ability to hitch a trailer to a compact tractor offers users more flexibility.


Compact tractors have many attachments that can assist with construction. As their gross weight is lighter than a larger tractor, they produce far less ground disruption. 

Orchards & Vineyards.

With their powerful but small stature. Compact tractors have become popular choices for orchards and vineyards, with their ability to carry large loads of products down tight plantation rows. 


Because of their smaller compact size, compact tractors have become increasingly popular for landscaping projects. This is because they are small enough to get into tighter spaces to either transport materials or assist with ground preparation.

Lawn Care.

One sector that has used compact tractors more and more on a commercial scale is golf courses. Armed with a flail mower PTO (power taken off) attachment, it allows users to cut larger areas with the ability to pass under obstacles and minimise ground disruption. 

Soil preparation.

Compact tractors are used to prepare the soil for planting or laying new turf. With a rotavator PTO (power taken off) attachment, it allows users to maximise the amount of area they can cover compared to a walk-behind machine. 

Agricultural. Since tractors were first designed, people within agriculture have used them to assist in day-to-day tasks. These machines offer a smaller option for the more delicate of tasks.

What attachments can you get for a compact tractor?

As we have already established, compact tractors are very useful, productive pieces of machinery, ideal for smaller-scale or space tasks. However, to maximise their potential, compact tractors require attachments to do so. There are several types of attachments available for a compact tractor. These are: 

Trailer or loader

 For carrying materials, waste or products.


To cut grass or heavy vegetation.

Belly mowers  

Cutting grass short for golf courses and sports fields.


To aerate the soil during the ground preparation stage of planting or landscaping. 

Snow blade  

Useful for removing snow from car parks, roads, etc. 


Landrakes are useful for screeding soil to reduce the amount of stone and debris within it.

What benefits do compact tractors offer?

Compact tractors offer many benefits to users, these include:

More efficient.

Offering the ability to increase productivity, therefore making tasks far more efficient. If you are working on a time scale on your project, the use of a compact tractor could help you meet your deadline.


As compact tractors are very adaptable and flexible because of their size and attachment options, they can manage several tasks and easily switch between jobs.


These machines are built with the user in mind, therefore some models are equipped with a cabin to enhance operators’ comfort. This can depend on the manufacturer and supplier.

Easy to operate and durable. 

Compact tractors are designed with powerful motors to help navigate over rough terrain, pull large loads and much more. Most small tractors are now also equipped with a gear-shift function under load and hydrostatic transmission, allowing for much more ease of use and operation. Fully equipped with power steering, oil-immersed brakes and high-speed gearboxes, compact tractors now provide much more easy driving capabilities and features than ever before. 

Advantages of using a compact tractor

Using a compact tractor can have several advantages, but as we have already uncovered, they do require additional attachments to get the job done. Nevertheless, choosing a compact tractor to help in your project will: 

  • Make jobs much easier compared to carrying out such tasks manually.
  • Fit into smaller spaces.
  • Carry out multiple tasks at once.
  • Even a novice to tractors will be able to operate the basics of a compact tractor.
  • Faster and more efficiently.
  • Flexible and powerful enough (horsepower ranges between 15-55hp) to carry out a variety of tasks.
  • Easy to store. 

Hire a compact tractor near me?

Compact tractors are becoming increasingly popular all over the UK. Used by homeowners, DIYers, farmers and even construction companies, offering a fast and efficient way of completing a project. At WHC Hire Services, we have been supplying compact tractors to the public, groundskeepers, sports stadiums, farmers and landscapers for over 20 years. Along with their required attachments, we have been able to help thousands of people throughout the country get the job done. With regular investment into of our equipment, we can offer the latest and highest quality machinery on the market. To find out more about the compact tractor and accessories that we offer, click here to find out more. Together, we can help you get the job done. 

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