Benefits Of Tracked Dumper Hire

Whether you are undertaking a construction or landscaping project. There is no doubt that you and your business could benefit from the use of tracked dumper hire. One of the biggest issues for all workers is the import and export of material over uneven terrain. Especially when the ground becomes more sensitive and fragile during periods of vast downpours. During Autumn and the Winter months, the UK is exposed to large downpours that inflict two potentially fatal issues to a project. The first being that the rain completely stops play and puts pressure on the deadline. Secondly, incorrect equipment use can increase unnecessary clean-up costs. In this resource, we are going to discuss the benefits of tracked dumper hire and how it can make a difference to your business.

What is a tracked dumper?

Tracked dumpers are a type of earthmoving equipment that is designed to be used in the most trying and difficult conditions. Unlike other earthmoving dumpers, these machines are constructed with a fixed rigid chassis and a long dumper skip. The large chassis fitted with rubber tracks allows the machine’s weight to be dispersed across the whole machine. Resulting in a huge reduction of ground pressure and far less ground disruption overall. This makes them very favourable to construction projects that involve wet sites or delicate road constructions. Other examples of use of a tracked dumper are:

  • Dredging lakes, ponds, and rivers
  • Railways
  • Construction during wet seasons
  • Landscaping
  • All building work types

The most modern designs are powered by diesel stage V engines offering the required power and torque necessary to transport large loads of earth or materials. Businesses are more likely to benefit from machines offering stage V emissions for far better fuel economy. Overall, tracked dumpers are very popular machines to use throughout the whole year, especially if ground disruption is something that businesses want to mitigate.

We are now going to take a closer look at all the benefits of a tracked dumper to help discover if this type of machine is right for you.

What are the benefits of tracked dumper hire?

Choosing to hire a tracked dumper can have many benefits for the operator and the business wishing to invest.

Less mess

Tracked dumpers produce far less mess than an articulated dumper of similar size, how? As tracked dumpers are designed to have a low centre of gravity, a highly spread weight distribution and low ground pressure, they produce far less mess when operating. Even after journey after journey across the same ground, in the wettest conditions, a tracked dumper will produce less mess than any other earthmoving equipment. What does this mean for operators…? Operators using tracked dumpers produce far less ground damage, therefore, you not longer need to spend long periods after job completion correcting surface issues. For businesses, it saves on labour costs, and repair costs and keeps projects on time, no matter the elements.


No matter the size of the project that you require a tracked dumper for, it will certainly improve its efficiency. Instead of moving materials or earth by hand, a tracked dumper is designed to move large amounts at one time. In essence, reducing the amount of manual handling required throughout a project. These machines are designed with large skips that are built for transporting large loads at one time, requiring operators only to load the machines. Tracked dumpers use a hydraulic ram to lift the skips to unload. Some examples of these can be hi-tip dumpers designed to offload into a skip or a swivel skip that can turn through 180 degrees, offering flexibility with offloading.


Choosing a tracked dumper to hire is one of the safest ways to protect your teams on sites where there is an increase of potential slips and trips hazards. These dumpers are designed to traverse large amounts of earth or material across all terrains, including the wettest ones. Resulting in potential falls etc occurring if done by hand. Additionally, different-sized tracked dumpers are fitted with operator safety features to suit their application. Some offer a walk-behind option, and others for more exposed sites have a cabin. Nevertheless, these features all promote operator safety whilst in use.

Saves money & minimises delays

Overall, choosing to hire a tracked dumper saves businesses money in the long term. With their ability to keep a project moving when the weather is at its worst is always a bonus. Especially if you have an agreed deadline to meet. Delay costs can, in fact, exceed the fee of hiring a tracked dumper. Tracked dumpers provide an affordable solution to keep a project moving without causing delays.

Choice of weights to choose from

One of the largest benefits of tracked dumpers is the availability of sizes on the market. Each job is going to have its limitations in terms of access and ground capacity. For example, businesses using a tracked dumper in the rear of a detached property will have different requirements compared to one doing a utility pipeline installation in the middle of the field. As there are multiple different sizes of tracked dumpers to choose from, it gives businesses the option to choose the right one for their requirements.

Examples of tracked dumper sizes

To benefit different operators and businesses, there are several sizes of tracked dumpers. Let’s have a look at these individually and see where their ideal application might be.

Tracked barrow


Tracked barrows are the smallest style of tracked dumpers that you should expect to see on hire. These machines are small enough to fit through a standard door frame. Meaning they are ideal for moving earth or materials through the smallest of spaces. Some designs can carry up to a tonne per time and produce minimal ground disruption as they sit on rubber tracks. Machines like this are popular with builders, landscapers, and underground construction work.

Compact Tracked Dumper

For larger projects that offer more access, you should be looking to hire a compact tracked dumper. These are the smaller designs of their big brothers, which we will come onto shortly. These machines are popular with builders, landscapers, utilities, and small highway construction, as they offer a smaller size and large load capacity compared to a tracked barrow. Unlike a tracked barrow, these machines offer an open cabin for an operator to sit for long periods comfortably. With compact tracked dumpers, expect to transport loads of up to 2.5 tonnes safely. Other features you can expect to see on these machines are standard and swivel tip offloading.

Crawler Dumper


For large projects on wet land or ground-sensitive sites, crawler dumpers are the most popular pieces of plant hire equipment to keep moving. These machines provide the largest earthmoving solutions with the lowest ground disruption. They are built for all-day operation out in the elements; fitted with an enclosed cabin for protection. Ideal for assisting large excavation projects, construction projects, utility installation, dredging projects, and more. These tracked dumpers can safely carry up to 6 tonnes per cycle, making them highly efficient. In addition to their enclosed operator’s cabin, fitted with all-day comforts, some designs offer standard and swivel tip offloading operations. Features that again benefit the overall efficiency of the operation of the machine.

Where you can get the benefits of tracked dumper hire?

WHC Hire Services specialises in supplying businesses of all sizes with the most efficient equipment for their projects. This includes during the toughest of conditions. Our extensive fleet of tracked dumpers is designed from some of the world’s best manufacturers, such as Kubota and Takeuchi. All of which, can be delivered to our customers when and where they are needed. Check out our full tracked dumper range here, or call 01684377977 to receive a quote today.  

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