Can anyone hire a Mini Digger? – Excavator Hire Basics

If you are considering undergoing a project that is going to require some serious muscle, you might consider using a mini digger to reduce your overall amount of manual labour. If you are reading this article, then you are probably exploring the options of hiring a mini digger and the obstacles that may come in your way. All of which we will answer for you throughout this resource blog. 

When undergoing any size of construction/landscaping project, hiring a mini digger is one of the favoured choices of tradespeople and enthusiastic homeowners. Mini diggers can increase your productivity levels and make your entire project far more efficient and cost effective. 

Who can hire a mini digger?

There are no specific guidelines set out in terms of age and ability by HSE (Health & Safety Executive) to hire a mini digger. However, something to give thought to, is that the equipment whilst in the customer’s possession, is their liability. This means that if a mini digger is incurs damage during its hire period, then the customer is liable. For every penny…!

Customers are solely responsible for machinery as soon as delivery or collection has taken place. The best way to cover yourself, or whoever you wish to operate the machinery, is to make sure you take out a temporary cover insurance policy for the duration of the hire.

What is a temporary cover insurance policy?

A temporary cover insurance policy covers the operator if any accidents occur whilst the machinery is in your possession. If you currently do not have any temporary cover for plant hire, then organising cover is fairly simple. If you are involved in a business that is already operating, do not assume that plant hire is covered by your existing insurance policy. Always call and check before agreeing to hire a mini digger. 

If you are looking for a comprehensive cover for hiring plant machinery, then explore what JCB insurance has to offer:

What details do you need to hire a mini digger?

Every company is different in their approach regarding required personal information and deposits to hire a mini digger. Nevertheless, hire companies will generally require some basic information such as:

  • Two forms of identification (Passport, Driving Licence, Photo ID)
  • Address of the customer (Utility bill with home address stated)
  • Deposit (Cash Customers)
  • Insurance 
  • Credit customers must undergo a credit check to ensure they can afford credit repayments. 

Providing all this information is supplied on the day, you can expect to hire a mini digger. You will also have to complete some paperwork before taking the machinery away, which, on average, takes no more than 10 minutes on the condition that you have all the necessary information. 

Transport of the mini digger? 

Mini digger on trailer
Digger transport on towable trailer

No matter where you hire a mini digger from, you are always going to have to deal with transporting it to where it needs to be. Most hire companies will offer a delivery service to save you the hassle, otherwise, you will need to tow the machine behind your own vehicle. Not all cars can tow a digger, therefore if you wish to transport the machine yourself, it is always best to consult with your local hire depot in advance. 

If you are considering towing a mini digger yourself, you will require: 

  • A vehicle that can tow up to 3.5 T
  • Fully comprehensive insurance with additions for towing
  • BE trailer licence (If you did not pass your driving test before 1st Jan 1997)
  • Adequate plant trailer and securing system

Using a mini digger for business or commercial use?

If you are planning on using a mini digger for business or commercial use, you may require an NPORS or CSCS card to operate the machinery. This DOES NOT stop you from hiring a mini digger, however you may require it to operate on a building site. Always abide by the current and most up-to-date health and safety legislation to protect you and your business. If you plan to operate a mini digger for personal use, then this does not apply. 

If you are still unsure whether or not you are able to hire a mini digger, then speak to our expert team here at WHC Hire. We are committed to supplying the nation with the highest quality plant equipment on the market. Since 1997, we have offered a wide range of mini diggers available to hire for long or short-term projects. With depots in Tewkesbury, Worcester and the Cotswolds, we are available and on hand when you need us. With consistent investment into the quality of our fleet, we can assure that customers, contractors and businesses (no matter their size) receive their required equipment on time and in perfect working condition.

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