Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Plant Machinery

Hiring plant machinery, like all other aspects of the modern-day world, should be simple. If the whole process appears to be alien, then by using this article, you will have all the knowledge you need to hire plant machinery with confidence and avoid any nasty surprises.

What to hire?

So, you’re thinking about commencing a project and have concluded that some plant equipment is needed. Where do you start? The number one problem that most people struggle with is not knowing what to hire. It is always worth doing your research to figure out what machinery is best and most cost-effective. If you struggle to find the information you need, consult with a plant hire specialist to discuss your requirements. Plant hire specialists have the knowledge and experience to help you complete the task at hand, enabling you to get the right tool for the job.

Too much or too little?

There is nothing worse than underestimation. When hiring plant machinery, getting your judgement correct makes a vast difference in overall cost. Choosing the incorrect plant machinery (too big or too small) will extend your job duration and leave you out of pocket. If you are working to a tight deadline, make sure you choose wisely when selecting the size of your plant equipment. Remember that bigger doesn’t always mean better, so always request help from a hire professional if you have any hesitations.

Cheaper hire equipment.

When it comes to hiring plant equipment, we all want to save money. It is vital to make a good return on your investment. However, if you are comparing plant hire equipment by prices alone, then you could lead yourself into trouble. You could end up with inefficient plant equipment that will cost you far more in the long run. Don’t be fooled by cheap, tempting prices, as these tend to mean that the machinery is way below standards in terms of quality, functionality and maintenance. This inevitably leads to unnecessary on-site breakdowns, costing you time and money. Always do your research so that you get the correct plant machinery to complete the job at an affordable price. If you are considering hiring multiple pieces of equipment over a long period, it is worth contacting your supplier to find out more. 

Understanding your liabilities when hiring plant machinery

No matter where you go or what you hire, you need to make sure that you understand your liabilities as a customer or account holder. Always read the entire contract so that there are no nasty surprises when settling your invoice. If you are a cash customer (DIYer or one-off user) you will more than likely be asked to pay a security deposit. This is a financial contract between you and the hire company to return the plant machinery in good working order. If you request to open an account, you will be required to undergo credit or background checks. Accounts are issued with a credit limit to be settled within 90days (different companies vary), whereas cash customers pay their invoice when returning the machinery. Some additional costs such as fuel charges, call-out fees and understanding the procedure to off-hire (return plant to owner) the machinery is important to be aware of. When hiring equipment, it is the customer’s responsibility to insure the machinery whilst in their possession again accidental damage or theft. Always make sure to organise cover before collecting the equipment from your supplier. 

Taking health and safety seriously

To ensure that you stay safe, it is best to choose a hire company that takes its health and safety very seriously. It is worth investigating companies procedures to understand the level of detail that they go into to keep operators safe. Is the machinery regularly updated, well maintained, checked daily for damage, hold a track record of regular servicing? By asking these questions, you can limit not just breakdowns but also reduce the risk of any nasty accidents happening. Some plant suppliers also offer additional PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to ensure that you can stay safe whilst operating the machinery.


The number one rule when it comes to hiring plant equipment is to make sure that you plan well ahead. If you find a company that suits your needs, then it is crucial to book well in advance. This secures your required plant machinery and reduces any last-minute problems from occurring. Arranging plant hire at the last minute can have a dramatic effect on your project overall. 

Looking for a recognised plant hire specialist?

Here at WHC Hire, we have been supplying the nation with the highest quality plant machinery on the market since 1997. We offer a range of plant hire, available to hire for short and long-term projects. With consistent investment into the quality of our fleet, we can assure that customers, contractors and businesses (no matter their size) receive their required equipment on time and in perfect working condition. Recently, we have received a RoSPA Gold Award in Health and Safety (Internationally Recognised) for the fourth consecutive year running.

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