The True Cost To Hire A Ride-On Mower. Exposed

Ride-on mowers can be a fantastic addition to any large-scale maintenance project. However, they are far more expensive than their walk-behind counterparts. Therefore, before jumping straight in, you need to understand the true cost to hire a ride-on mower before you get started.

In this article, we will cover several different areas to consider when hiring a ride-on mower. This will assist you when it comes to budgeting for all aspects of hire. Resulting in less hassle and far more profit in the long run.

How much can you expect to pay for a ride-on mower to hire?

The cost to hire a ride-on mower for a week on average is £342.50 + Vat per week based on an online survey conducted in June 2022. (Kubota ride on hi tip mower). However, the true cost depends on the specification of the machine itself.

Ride-on mowers with more advanced features will come with a higher price tag per week. Some additional features that you can expect to see on ride-on mowers are:

Side eject ride-on mowers

Ride-on mowers in their simplest form, are side eject mowers. This means that as you cut, the debris is ejected out the side of the machine as you drive past. There is no collection method with this type of equipment, which may not be suitable for all applications. You or your clients may want the debris to be collected to provide a polished finish. If this is the case, then choosing either one of the following would be beneficial.

Low tip ride-on mowers

A low tip function is considered one of the entry features that you can expect to see on a ride-on mower. Nevertheless, this feature is very beneficial to operators as it reduces the amount of manual labour a user would have to do when offloading cuttings. Cutting bags can vary in size depending on your supplier’s choice of manufacture. Yet, you should expect to see be working with a cutting back of around a 500L capacity on the rear of a ride-on mower.

Hi tip ride-on mowers

These mowers offer a sit-on feature and a rear collection bag. The debris/or cuttings bag is fitted to a hydraulic frame which allows you to offload into a flatbed truck if required. This reduces the amount of lifting an operator must do overall. You should expect to produce at least 500L of cuttings before having to offload at any one time. Hi-tip mowers are one of the most popular choices for commercial contractors who are expected to remove waste from site.

Costs you need to consider when hiring a ride-on mower.

So far, we have established that ride-on mowers cost on average £342.50+ VAT per week, feature dependant. But to understand the true cost, you need to take into consideration the following fees to avoid any nasty surprises:


Ride-on mowers can weigh up to 650kg, without fuel. Making them far less manoeuvrable than a push mower, therefore transporting a hired machine to a site can incur additional costs. The two most popular methods to transport a hired ride-on mower, are either by a towable trailer or by having the machine delivered.

If you don’t already have a trailer, then hiring a transport trailer will attract an additional cost. Trailer hire can range between £65.00-£250.00 per week (based on an online survey of multiple different featured trailered across the UK).

Failure to budget for trailer hire can directly affect your overall profits and add additional stress to your project. Always consult your plant and tool hire specialist to get a quote for plant trailer hire, in addition, to a ride-on mower.


If you don’t feel confident transporting a ride-on mower yourself, then having the machinery delivered is your next best option. Delivery costs vary depending on the company you choose to work with.

As a rule of thumb, try to work with your local specialist in your area to reduce the overall delivery cost. The cost of having a ride-on mower delivered to site can be far less than hiring a trailer. Although, if you require to use a machine on multiple different sites during the period of hire, hiring a trailer will be far more beneficial and cost-effective in the long run.


When choosing to hire any type of machinery, you need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. When using a ride-on mower, the risks are generally quite low, but specialised equipment is not cheap to repair.

Most plant and tool hire companies will request a copy of your insurance before providing you with the machinery. Do not assume that if you have business insurance, it covers hired machinery. Always check with your provider before enquiring, or organise temporary hire cover with a trusted insurer.

If you are hiring plant or tool hire machinery in the UK and you don’t have temporary cover, check on what JCB finance has to offer: https://www.jcbinsurance.co.uk/


The running cost of machinery is something you always need to consider. However, if you do not factor this into the cost of your hire, you could leave yourself short. It is often a common practice that customers hiring machinery will incur a fuel charge, if NOT returned with a full tank of fuel.

To guarantee you avoid any additional charges, always return your machinery with a full tank of fuel. Most commercial ride-on mowers are diesel-powered. However, this doesn’t mean that the machine can be refuelled with rebated diesel to save on cost. Since the reform of rebated diesel back in April 2022, most plant and tool hire companies have resulted to moving their fleets to white diesel. This is to comply with UK government legislation.

Failure to put the incorrect fuel in hired machinery will obtain charges for fuel drainage, cleaning and filter change. All of which as easily avoidable. If you have any questions about fuel usage, including charges, always contact your supplier directly.

Can you drive a ride-on mower on the road?

Ride-on mowers are NOT road legal in the UK, as they are not properly equipped with the required features to do so. Operators of ride-on mowers must be at least 16 years old to remain compliant with government guidelines. See more on the government guidelines here: https://www.gov.uk/learning-to-drive-a-tractor-or-specialist-vehicle/rules-for-test-vehicles

Failure to comply with government legislation will result in financial penalties. If you require a cutting machine to be road legal, then explore the possibility of hiring a compact tractor.

How much does it cost to hire a ride-on mower in Tewkesbury UK?

WHC Hire Services has been providing ride-on mowers to commercial contractors and DIYers for over 20 years. Our depots offer a range of ride-on mowers starting from as little as £270.00 +VAT per week. Our mission is to bring the highest quality machinery to our customers, when and where they need it. With regular investments into the quality of our fleet, we are able to provide the latest equipment available on the market.

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