The Top 20 Questions When Hiring Plant Machinery or Tools

How much does it cost to hire plant Machinery?

The cost of hiring a piece of plant machinery or equipment depends on two main factors. Firstly, the value, functionality and size of the item. Along with the duration for which you wish to have it in your possession. This is broken down into the following categories. Same day (8 hours), 1 day (24 Hours), Weekend (2 Days), 3 Days, Weekly. The terms and cost of hire for all our tools and machinery can be found here. If you are looking to hire multiple pieces of machinery at once over a long period(months), we can offer specially tailored plans to account holders. 

What time are your depots open till?

WHC Hire has three depots across Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and the Cotswolds. All of our depots are open to trade and the public Monday- Friday 07:30 am-1700pm and on Saturday 08:30 am- 1230pm. For out of hours enquiries, you can email us at hire@whchire.com and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. If you require help with your current hire during out of hours, please refer to operational support in this article.

Can the machinery or tools be delivered? 

All of our tools and plant machinery can be delivered to any part of the UK. To receive an accurate quote for delivery, you can discuss your requirements with one of our team from your local depot. We always advise customers to book their hire with as much advice as possible, especially if you require delivery. This ensures that your request arrives safely and on time. Our highly qualified and experienced team of delivery drivers are trained to transport and operate all of our machinery, no matter its size or speciality. 

Does the hire cost come out of your deposit?

If you are a cash customer, you will be required to pay a security deposit (three times the weekly hire rate) for your hire. This deposit is to warrant the return of the item in good working order. The security deposit is determined by the value of the equipment and must be paid in full before being delivered or collected. When the item is returned in full working order, WHC Hire will charge the cost of the hire against your deposit and return the difference. Deposits can only be paid by debit or credit card and take anywhere between 3-4 working days to appear back in your account upon refund. 

How to open an account with WHC Hire?

If you would like to open a trade account with WHC Hire Services, you can request an account form online by contacting us at hire@whchire.com or visit your local depot. To open an account with WHC hire, you will require the following information:

  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • Proof of Address
  • Bank Account Details 
  • Utility Bill 
  • Proof of Hire Insurance. 

By submitting your account request, you agree to the terms and conditions of hire with WHC Hire Services. This will include a credit reference check to be completed during this process. Accounts can be set up in as little as 24 hours. 

Can you look at machinery before hiring?

If you would like to see the equipment before you decide to hire from us, then you are more than welcome. Ask a member of staff to display and show how to operate a piece of machinery before deciding that it is the right fit for your project. With regular updates to our fleet and equipment, we can provide the highest quality machinery to hire on the market. All our staff are trained to demonstrate how to operate our equipment safely and correctly. 

Do we sell plant machinery?

None of WHC Hire Services machinery is for sale. Generally, all of our plant machinery is part exchanged back to our dealers to keep our fleet as up to date as possible. We are constantly re-investing into our fleet to bring you the latest and best equipment available on the market.

Be kept up to date with our latest releases, email us at hire@whchire.com to be added to our mailing list. 

Can we supply fuel?

WHC Hire Services can only supply fuel for plant and equipment for operational purposes. Customers will be charged a fuel fee if they do not return the equipment fully after hire. This fuel charge will be added to your account bill or will be taken from your deposit if you are a cash customer. For more information about fuel rates please contact your local depot. 

Do we supply operational support?

WHC Hire Services provides operational support for all our customers. During your hire period you will have access to one of our team to help guide, support and repair your equipment, should anything go wrong. Most issues can be solved by a simple telephone call, however, if you require urgent assistance to get you back on track, you can request one of our mobile engineers to come help. Please note that call outs are chargeable if the issue is the result of customer damage or negligence. Our engineers are on standby 24hrs a day 7 days a week. 

Can a Wacker plate fit in a car?

Wacker plates, aka plate compactors, are ideal machines to use on sand, concrete, chippings, hard-core and block paving. Depending on the size of the machine you choose, or the transport you have available, will determine whether you can fit it in your car. Generally, all of our plate compactors can fit into the boot of a hatchback car with ease. Due to the sheer weight of the compactor plates, we would always advise two people lift the machine in and out of the vehicle to prevent injury. To view our range of compaction plates click here

Can a micro digger fit through a standard gateway?

Micro diggers are designed to work in the tightest of space. Armed with zero tail swing and variable track width, it is easy to navigate through the smallest of spaces. Micro diggers are designed to pass under a standard internal door frame. With a track width of 750mm and a height of 1655mm, they can easily make their way through a standard gateway. These excavators are ideal for indoor work, back garden digging, digging trenches or small ponds.

How can you organise insurance for your hire?

Insurance for your equipment hire is important. We here at WHC Hire require proof of insurance before the equipment can be issued to customers. This verifies that if something is to go wrong whilst the equipment is in your possession, that all expenses can be covered. Policies range up to and over £100,000. Make sure that you have adequate cover before hiring any equipment. One of the most popular short term hire policies is through JCB Insurance. Click here to view more information. 

Can a cement mixer fit in a car?

A standard 1/2 bag cement mixer is a very popular hire for small building companies, landscapers and civil engineers. They weigh between 50-60kg and are small enough to fit in the boot of a hatchback car. This size of cement mixer machine can be petrol or 110V/240V and produce approximately 1 wheelbarrow load of concrete per load. Site concrete mixers, however, are much larger and weigh over 300kg. These large capacity cement mixers are for site work and large building projects. They are petrol powered and are unable to fit in a standard size car. This size of cement mixer we would advise having delivered or to be collected on a towable trailer. 

Do you offer digger/ excavators attachments?

WHC Hire offers a range of different and specialised digger attachments for every size of machine we supply. From hydraulic breakers to land rakes and everything in between. If you require a specific attachment for your excavator hire, speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team who can help you find the right attachment for the job. Digger attachments can also be hired separately from excavators if you already have your own machine.

What buckets come with a digger?

No matter what size digger you choose to hire, you will always have a choice of buckets. As standard, you will be given a grading bucket and a selection of trenching/ditching buckets. These range in sizes from 12-24 inches and can be requested before hire. We also supply a range of buckets that have teeth to help in highly abrasive conditions such as sand, gravel and rock. If you have any special requirements then please notify your local depot before collection or delivery. 

How to off-hire your plant machinery or tool equipment?

To off-hire any machinery, you must get in contact with the depot the hire was dispatched from. This must be by telephone or via email. Only by speaking to a member of staff can you confirm that you have off hired your equipment. You must not try to off-hire equipment with delivery drivers or engineers. Once you have successfully off-hired your equipment a collection will take place either the same day or within 24hrs of notifying us. If you return your equipment directly to us, one of our team will off-hire the equipment for you immediately.

What is weekend hire?

Weekend hire is a period that extends more than 2 days. If a customer requires a piece of hire equipment or machinery over the weekend, they can collect it Friday afternoon past 14:00 pm and return Monday morning before 09:30 am. Providing the machinery is returned before time you will be charged a weekend rate. If the machinery is returned late, then additional charges will apply. Please note: Depots are not open on Sunday to return the equipment. If you only use your equipment for one day over the weekend, you will still be charged a weekend rate. 

Do you need to have had training to hire the machinery?

To hire machinery or equipment, you are not required to hold any tickets or NPORS cards to operate the machinery. Hiring plant machinery or tools is at your own risk. If you are using the equipment domestically and not for payment or profit, you can operate tool and plant hire equipment without any qualifications or prior training. However, if you are using the machinery for commercial use or on a construction site you should have had suitable training and be competent to operate the equipment in question. 

Do we hire operators with our plant machinery?

WHC Hire does not hire operators out with its machinery. However, we offer support with every piece of machinery that we hire. Our expert team of drivers and engineers are able to show you how to operate the equipment correctly and safely when being collected or delivered. Along with this, we have a dedicated team of professionals to help you if something goes wrong during your hire. You will receive support from us if you have any problems, including an out of hours service if you require some hands-on help. 

Can a rotavator fit in my car?

Rotavators are ideal choices for uncultivated land that you wish to break up. These machines are powered by a petrol motor and several blades that rotate underneath the ground, improving drainage and aerating the soil. Rotavators are large pieces of machinery that will not fit in a standard size hatchback car. A large estate car or van would be the preferred method of transport, however, if you cannot transport the machinery yourself, why not get it delivered by one of our team.

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