How Much Does A Mini Dumper Cost To Hire In 2022

Mini dumpers are some of the most popular pieces of plant equipment used by professionals and avid DIYers. With an average daily rate of £83.60 + VAT + delivery and weekly rates of £169.40, (Based on an online survey conducted in May 2022) there is no surprise why they’re so popular for projects of all shapes and sizes. In this detailed article, we shall take you through several different elements to help you understand the overall cost to hire a mini dumper in today’s market.

The true cost of hiring a dumper is more than just its initial price. However, this resource will allow you to avoid any nasty slip-ups when it comes to budgeting and ensure that you get the right machine for the job. Let’s get started!

What is a mini dumper?

For those of you that are not aware, a mini dumper is a piece of plant equipment that is used to move materials, earth or debris around a building or construction site. By using a mini dumper, operators can carry larger capacities at one time. Reducing the overall number of cycles you would have to complete, to get the job done.

Mini dumpers allow users to carry up to 10 times more than a standard wheelbarrow. Overall reducing the amount of physical labour an individual would have to do to complete the task at hand.

Mini dumpers are designed to carry weight up to, and more than 1000kg at one time. They are more common than not used in smaller space projects that cannot accommodate a larger sized machine. Some example of use is for construction inside buildings, underground work, landscaping projects in back gardens and much more.

Types of mini dumper

It’s fair to say that mini dumpers are extremely useful pieces of plant equipment, and at a cost on average of £169.40 + vat per week, they are very practical and cost-effective.

However, it’s not just a case of one size fits all, there are several different types of mini dumpers available on the market to hire. Their specific designs allow for additional benefits while in use. Here are some examples of different types of mini dumpers available on the market to hire:

Articulated mini dumper

Articulated mini dumpers are designed to move large amounts of material, debris or even earth over very rough terrain. Their height provides them with ample ground clearance, including off-road tyres that provide essential grip and traction. Their articulated joint that separates the dump and driver seat offers high levels of manoeuvrability allowing for a tight turning circle on construction sites.

Articulated mini dumpers are very popular for construction and landscaping projects. Based on an online survey conducted in May 2022, the average weekly cost to hire a 1T articulated dumper is £169.40 + Vat (not including transport).


Tracked Mini Dumpers

Tracked mini dumpers offer an alternative method of transport in the dumper world. These machines, unlike the articulate models, operate on tracks rather than wheels. Why might you ask…? Well, tracked mini dumpers are designed to carry to the same capacity with reducing the overall amount of ground pressure at one time. Less ground pressure equals less clear up time and fees. Generally, they are operated by a control panel at the rear of the machine, with some models offering a stand ride-on feature.

Tracked mini dumpers are very popular for all types of applications. From landscaping to soft ground construction sites. They offer a suitable method to transport your cycle loads with minimal disturbance. Based on an online survey conducted in May 2022, the average weekly hire cost of a 1000kg is £206.00 + VAT per week (not including transport)


Mini dumper features you can expect to see


The least common type of dumper feature you can expect to see on a mini dumper is a self-loading mini dumper. These machines can scoop up your materials/debris and place them into the barrow or dump part of the machine for you. This feature is only found on tracked style barrow dumpers but harms the load capacity of the machine.


Found on both articulated and tracked styles of dumpers, the swivel dump option is a more popular choice of feature found on 1T dumpers. The swivel tip allows operators to swing the machine’s dump through 180 degrees. Granting them to choose their angle of offload. This is very popular for tight space work.


The most popular of all small dumper features is the hi-tip option. Hi-tip dumpers are designed specifically to offload high enough to reach over the side of a skip. Some models offer over 1900mm in tipping height. This feature is the most popular due to the market it was created for. The hi-tip dumper is extremely popular between landscapers, DIYers and builders.

Type of fuel that mini dumpers use

When trying to calculate the overall cost of a dumper, the type and volume of fuel a machine will use are important to budget for.

There are 3 types of fuel most used with mini dumpers.

White diesel or HVO

White diesel or HVO is the most common type of fuel used in both tracked and articulated dumpers. Since the reform of red diesel in April 2022, it is now illegal to use rebated diesel in construction machinery. So always make sure that you budget more so than you may once have done previously.


Petrol is less common than diesel to be used by small dumpers, however, can be found in a range of tracked style equipment. E10 petrol can offer an eco-friendlier option, however, can be more expensive in the long run, especially if it is being run all day long.


Still in their early stages of production, electric engines continue to go through their development. Companies such as JCB are leading the way in the design and use of electric engines in plant machinery. Sadly, the truth is, the machinery still requires a method of charging which resorts to hiring a specialised generator which will burn some type of fossil fuels. Making electric-powered machinery the most expensive method of powering mini dumpers.

What material can you carry in a mini dumper?

Mini dumpers can carry loads of either material, debris, or earth up to the weight of 1000kg. Some examples of some materials that a mini digger can carry are:









-Lawn Rolls

The limits are endless when transporting types of material in a mini dumper. Make sure, however, that you always clean the machinery after use. This will prevent you from adhering further cleaning charges from your plant hire specialist.

How to transport a mini dumper?

Mini dumpers are simple and easy to transport on a trailer behind a suitable vehicle. As the towing laws in the UK changed in 2021, it is now legal for anyone who holds a full driving licence to tow a trailer up to 3.5T.

Mini dumpers can weigh up to 1250kg, which leaves plenty of room for trailer weight. However, transporting plant machinery can be difficult for inexperienced drivers, therefore organising delivery and collection of a mini digger could be more valuable.

Mini dumpers need to be secured correctly to guarantee safety while being transported. If you need to secure a min dumper to a trailer, always refer to the machine’s anchoring points to secure safely. These can be found in the operator handbook on the machine.

Hire insurance for a mini dumper?

Obtaining temporary hire insurance for a mini dumper while it is in your possession is extremely important. Hire insurance, protects the customer from any accidental damage, theft etc during the period of their hire.

Standard business insurance does not always contain plant hire cover, therefore specialist insurance is required to cover users during their use. You can obtain temporary plant hire coverage for a mini dumper at JCB. https://www.jcbinsurance.co.uk/

Hire insurance is another element of your overall cost of hiring a mini dumper.

Where to hire a mini dumper from in Tewkesbury UK?

WHC Hire Services in Tewkesbury are specialists in providing mini dumpers to DIYers and businesses across the country. With their latest stage V plant hire fleet, they can provide some of the latest machinery on the market. The machinery you want, where you want it. WHC Hire offers tracked and articulated 1t mini dumpers starting at £145.00 +vat per week. Click here to see the full range of dumpers available.

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