How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Compactor?

If you are involved in any type of construction, then, as you already know how essential compactors are. Compactors are one of the UK’s most popular pieces of plant/tool equipment. With numerous types of designs, styles and features, operators are spoilt for choice. If you’re planning your ground work project then the likelihood of the question “how much does it cost to hire a compactor?”. In this article, we will take you through some compactor styles, the benefits of using each one and the cost you should expect to pay to hire one.

What is a Compactor 

Compactors… also known by a range of different names such as rollers, rammers, wackers, are all built and designed to do the following tasks:

  • Increase bearing capacity
  • Surface durability
  • Resistance to deformation
  • Decrease frost damage
  • Increase stability
  • Decrease permeability

Designs vary from tools that can fit into the boot of a car, up to plant that ranges into tons. Different types of compactors are used to reach the required level of ground stability. In turn, offering a solid foundation for the next stage of construction. Compactors can be found on construction sites, at home, and even in the smallest of spaces. Factoring the cost of the hire of a compactor into your project is important to ensure a quality overall final product.

What different types of compactors might you discover?

Understanding compaction rate is very important. This ultimately helps select machine that you will require but also the depth in between layers you will need to work.

Compactors can be split into three main categories.

Vibratory Plate– Generally a small engine or hydraulic attachment which drives a plate up and down to vibrate on top of the surface. Ideal for all compaction.

Plate compactor

Vibratory Rammer– A lightweight and portable vibrating machine that is designed to work in smaller spaces such as trenches. A vibratory rammer offers high levels of compaction in one small space at a time.

trench rammer
Rammer hire

Road Roller– A heavy, sit-on machine which consists of two large drum wheels used to level out terrain or building materials. In most designs, these road rollers are fitted with vibration technology to increase the amount of compaction the machine can achieve. Ideal for the construction of roads and building sites.

Road roller hire

Do compactors need to be delivered?

If you are considering the cost to hire a compactor, then understanding your potential to transport the machinery is important. As we have briefly mentioned, some plate compactors are small enough to be transported in a hatchback car. On the other hand, road rollers can weigh over 3 Tons.

Therefore, if you are budgeting for the overall cost of hire you may need to factor in the delivery of the machine also. If you have never used a compactor before, most hire companies will show you how to start and operate the equipment even on-site.

Factors that affect the cost of hiring a compactor.

If you haven’t already decided which compactor is the right choice for you, one factor, for sure that will limit you is cost. So how are compactors priced to hire? The cost of hiring a compactor can depend on several defining factors:

The age of the machine

The age of the machine affects its hire price as the value of the machinery will depreciate over time. Older machinery does have its financial benefits… or does it? If you are thinking of hiring a compactor, then understanding the amount of work that hire equipment goes under each week is important. Hire equipment is used nearly every day of the year for multiple hours at a time. If you come across old, run-down hire equipment then you’re likely to face a breakdown whilst in your procession. Therefore, users benefit from choosing equipment which is replenished every few years, to improve working efficiency.

The technology/ specs of the equipment

Another factor that will affect the cost of hiring a compactor is the technology or specifications of the equipment. Heavy rollers designed to compact roads work out more expensive due to their overall purchase value. The more expensive the machine, the higher the hire price. Users may also find themselves paying for additional features, these can be such as, highly advanced anti-vibration technology or remote-control features. So be sure you get only what you need.


What support do you get with the machinery? Well, it’s fair to say that not all hire companies will send one of their personal engineers to you anywhere in the UK. All hire machinery should be tested and inspected before being allocated to customers. However, the chances that you receive such a detailed service for a very low cost is slim. Therefore it is essential you speaking to your supplier beforehand to make sure what is included with your equipment.


Transporting machinery can ramp up the cost of hiring overall. It is worth consulting with your hire professional, to discuss the cost of transport for a particular piece of equipment. Some compactors are indeed small enough to fit in the boot of a hatchback car, which can be collected.

How much does it cost to hire a compactor?

Compactor hire

Size, weight, age, and specification all affect the cost of hiring a compactor, nevertheless, you should expect to pay the following prices per week, for each compactor category: (based on an online survey 2022).

Plate compactors hire cost:

  • 50kg: £46.50 + VAT per week
  • 160kg Reversable: £112.50 + Vat per week

Trench rammer hire cost

  • Two-stroke trench rammer: £89.25 + Vat per week

Road rollers

  • Single Vibrating Pedestrian Roller: £126.00 + Vat per week
  • Double Ride-On: £176.32 + Vat per week

Note that all prices do not include delivery, hire insurance and any other additional costs. For a detailed quote, always speak to your local supplier.

Where to hire a compactor?


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