How much does it cost to hire a mini digger in 2021?

Mini diggers are one of today’s essential pieces of machinery used by landscapers, civil engineers, as well as your everyday home DIYer. These revolutionary pieces of machinery allow you to complete your project faster and far more efficiently. However, before you consider hiring a mini digger, it is critical to understand the costs you may incur. In today’s article, we will take you through everything you need to know about the cost to hire a mini digger in 2021. From the costings to requirements and everything in between, you will find it here.

A mini digger can cost between £68-£120.00 +VAT a day. However, it does entirely depend on the type and size of the machine you wish to hire. The bigger the machine, the more expensive it generally is to hire. TOP TIP! Most hire companies will provide customers with discounted rates if you require a digger over several days, weeks or months to complete your project. Therefore it is not a case of one price fits all situation, it’s always worth enquiring. 

Mini diggers come in a range of sizes; Micro, 1.5Ton & 3Ton are just a few examples of what is available on the market to date. The size, scale and access of your project generally will determine the type of digger you are likely to hire. Some jobs that best suit hiring a mini digger are; garden renovations, levelling the ground, digging up driveways, digging foundations and footings, tree stump removal and digging holes for fence posts. It is fair to say that the mini digger is the ideal piece of equipment for most medium to heavy-duty homeowner and landscaper projects.

When choosing the right size mini digger, it is always worth measuring the entrance/exits of your site to maximise the size of the digger you can hire. Always note the width and height, as well as the gradient you would be working on. Note: Some mini diggers can be too tall to pass underneath some obstacles, so it is worth checking before hiring absolutely anything.

Now you understand how much a mini digger costs to hire on its own, you also need to be aware of the additional costs required for you to get one to site and get started.

Do you need a Plant Trailer to transport a mini digger?

Be aware that when you hire a mini digger you may require a trailer to transport it. This is generally an additional cost on top of the price you initially pay for the machine. Plant trailers vary in cost, however, to get the most up to date price and availability, always contact your supplier. Alternatively, if you decide that you are not comfortable or unable to tow the mini digger, you can always request to have the unit delivered. AGAIN, this will attract further charges when it comes to your overall digger hire cost.

Fuel for a mini digger?

Another additional charge you could incur when hiring a mini digger is for the fuel of the machine. Hire equipment generally is delivered or dispatched with a full tank of fuel. To avoid any further additional charges with your hire, always remember to return your digger with a full tank of fuel. 

Insurance to hire a mini digger? (Important!!)

When hiring any plant or machinery, you are responsible for any damage caused to it. Be that through accidental/intentional damage or theft. Not all business liability insurance will cover the use of plant hire, therefore it is vital to make sure you have adequate cover for the operator AND any additional staff beforehand. 

Some factors that will affect your insurance premium are as follows: 

-How long do you need the cover for?

-Where are you going to be using the equipment? 

-Where will the equipment be stored overnight?

Once covered, if for any reason something does go wrong, you will not end up with a bill that could extend into the tens of thousands. If you only require cover for a small amount of time, either for trade or residential use, JCB offers a highly recommended package. You can find more information about this here: https://www.jcbinsurance.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvKjDrOiw3wIVyrftCh2F7ALrEAAYASAAEgIgbPD_BwE 

Remember, it is your responsibility to arrange your own insurance for hiring a mini or micro digger.

Hire Deposits for a Mini Digger?

Security deposits are determined by the value of the equipment and the period of time you wish to hire them for. Payments are taken in full and are reimbursed on return. These transactions can take anywhere between 3-5 days to clear through your bank (So be aware). If you are thinking of hiring equipment regularly, then it may be beneficial to set up a trade account and pay your balance on a monthly basis. Trade accounts do not require a deposit, however, they do require a credit check to take place to make sure you or your company can keep up with payments. 

Looking to find the cost to hire a mini digger in 2021: Worcestershire, Gloucestershire or the Cotswolds?

We here at WHC Hire have been supplying the nation with the highest quality plant machinery on the market since 1997. With consistent investment into the quality of our fleet, we can assure that customers, contractors and businesses (no matter their size) receive their required equipment on time and in perfect working condition. Enabling you to get the job done right. Our micro and 1.5T mini diggers start from £75.00 +VAT per day and only £210.00 + VAT per week.

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