How To Choose The Right Equipment Hire Company Near Me?

Choosing the right equipment hire company to partner with can be difficult. It is quite common that businesses would find a hire company to work closely with and stick to them. This is simply because of the relationship that is built up within the process. But should this be the case in today’s market? Should you remain loyal to your equipment hire company? Or, are you not getting what you deserve from your equipment hire company?

In this article, we will help you assess how to choose the right equipment hire company to partner with. Feel free to use this article to help assess or reassess how you go about hiring your plant and tool hire equipment.

Factors to consider when choosing the right equipment hire company near me?

When choosing an equipment hire company to partner with there are several factors you might want to take into consideration. These factors are to ensure you first get what you need, reduce stress and build trust with a 3rd party asset to your company. The major factors that you will want to consider are:

Age of the equipment

No matter where you hire your equipment from, one of the first and foremost things you must assess is the quality. Poor quality equipment is more likely to break down whilst in use. If you are paying for a service, you don’t want to be let down. Essentially costing you money and precious time, especially in today’s fast-paced market. We will discuss hire equipment and how it differs from purchasing your own later in this article.


The availability of equipment is another major factor in your decision to partner with an equipment hire company. To simplify the way that you access equipment of all types, choosing a supplier that offers a wide range of different products that tend to your needs is very beneficial. Being able to have a complete solution all in one place will help you maximise the way that you work. Additionally, another factor you may want to consider is the physical amount of stock a supplier owns or has access to. Larger fleets are more desirable to be able to react far quicker to your needs.


The biggest factor that tends to determine the overall outcome of which supplier is right for you is the cost. As you will discover out there in the realm of equipment hire, there is a large fluctuation of prices for the same type of machinery. It is best to find a company that offers the best value overall. So one big question you may want to answer is, what am I getting for my money? Are you getting low-hours, well-known manufactured equipment that is well serviced? Or are you getting tired, ill-maintained stock? You should never overspend when it comes to hiring any type of equipment, however, never shrug on its quality either.


The reliability of your supplier is very important. If they seem to say all the right things, offer the equipment you need and it appears to be exactly what you need, but never shows up. Again, you are the one that suffers. So how do you figure out how reliable a supplier is? There are several ways to discover other people’s experiences with using a particular supplier. First of all, is online, take your time to digest your potential candidates’ reviews. Find out how reliable they are based on other people’s experiences. However, their online presence is not the only way you can discover their reliability. Getting a recommendation from someone who has previously used a particular equipment supplier can assist you in your decision-making. Pull on these experiences, ask questions and don’t rush your decision.


The support that you receive from your supplier is essential. Choosing a supplier that offers a lesser quality of support could have a negative impact when you need them most. In terms of support, you should assess what happens if something goes wrong. Say for example the worst-case scenario happens. How quickly can you get back on the move? Some hire companies will have a group of trained engineers on standby to help, others may not have the same capability. To give you peace of mind, it is best to choose a company with mobile engineers in-house. This means that you don’t need to rely on outside parties if something is to go wrong. If you are unsure what support you get with your hire, then speak to your potential prospects or read your hire agreement contract.


We all know that when working in the construction industry it is important to be flexible. Things can change on a day-to-day basis, therefore partnering with a company that can react quickly is important. It is always good practice to explore your prospect’s hire terms, extensions and timelines. Knowing these will be able to allow you to assess how flexible they are.  

The difference with hired equipment?

There are a few major differences between hired equipment and the equipment that you purchase. When coming to choosing the “right equipment hire company near me” it is important to understand these factors.

  • Unlike bought equipment, hire equipment is used every day by several different operators.
  • Equipment hire machinery goes through a lot more stress. Hence why choosing a supplier that maintains its equipment to the highest standards is essential.
  • Hire equipment is charged when it is in your possession and can be off-hired at any time. Unlike purchasing which can be a large one-off cost.
  • Hiring equipment offers far more selection which works in your favour if you have multiple requirements.
  • Some hire equipment suppliers will offer the latest equipment on the market at affordable rental prices. This will increase your productivity at a cost far lower than purchasing.

Types of equipment hire company near me?

Understanding the different types of equipment hire companies available to you is important when selecting your supplier. Whether you are looking for large machinery, tools, or having access to both, understanding what a supplier offers is important.

There are generally 3 categories of equipment hire out there on the UK market. Some companies may offer just one or even a number of these services.

Tool hire 

A tool hire service will offer a range of small equipment designed to assist in common construction and home DIY projects. Examples of this can be drills, saws, gardening equipment, woodworking, fastening and fixing equipment. It is common to be able to collect this equipment from your local depot to take away on the same day.

Plant hire

A plant hire service offers machinery of a larger nature. Plant refers to use on a construction site. This covers machinery such as excavators, dumpers, telehandlers, breakers, access equipment etc. Depending on your supplier will determine the availability and how easily accessible the machinery is. Some suppliers will keep machinery on-site depending on its size. Larger machinery is generally transported by the supplier to its desired location.

Specialised hire equipment

Specialised hire equipment offers a limited selection of equipment. During your research stage of “choosing the right hire company near me”, you may come across suppliers that specialise in a specific piece of machinery. An example of this could be crane hire, access hire etc. Choosing a specialist can be both beneficial but also restricting, especially if you need flexibility in your supplier.

Equipment hire company near me in Oxfordshire

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