Key Tips To Hire A Mini Digger in Worcester, UK

Thinking about hiring a digger in Worcester? Not too sure how much it might cost or which type of digger is going to be the best fit for your project?

As experts in providing the latest plant equipment to Worcester and Worcestershire, we have helped thousands of people find the right type and size of digger based on their project size, ability and also budget. In today’s article, we will take you through all you need to know about hiring a digger in the Worcester area. What cost you should expect to incur and some tips and tricks to help you get the best choice of hire.

How much does it cost to hire a digger in Worcester, UK?

The average price based on a survey conducted in September 2021, for hiring a 1.5T mini digger in Worcester is £85+VAT per day. Prices range from £52 up to £118.00+ VAT, without any other additional requirements, such as plant trailers, attachments, fuel or delivery options.

To help you further, we shall now break down the sizes of machines and list their pros and cons to help you find the right excavator for you.

Micro Digger

Digger Hire WHC Hire

Micro diggers were designed to be able to pass through a standard internal door and be operated indoors. These incredible machines are an ideal choice for small scale jobs. However, as you will come to see, they have several pros and cons to use on larger scale projects.

Pros of a Mirco Digger

Easy to Use

Micro Diggers are simple to use for the most and least experienced operators.


They are compact enough to pass through a standard size internal door and can collapse down to a minimum width of 700mm.

Less Noise

Reduced operating noise is ideal for indoor construction work or late-night operation.

360 Degree rotation

Perfect for working in small, confined spaces and with no tail swing, these machines are designed to turn within the width of their own tracks.


A micro digger is simple enough to be transported by the operator on a plant trailer.

Cons of a micro digger

Very light for large jobs

This machine is not designed for large-scale jobs that require heavy lifting.

Limited reach

As this digger can manoeuvre through extremely tight spaces, it sacrifices its ability to have such a long reach.

No Cabin

A micro digger is designed for indoor access work, therefore, unfortunately, is not ideal for outdoor bad weather work. Cabbed models are only available on a 1.5-ton digger, upwards.

More expensive than Mini Digger

Even though the micro digger is smaller than a mini digger, as it is designed as a specialist piece of equipment, which makes it, on average, more expensive to hire. Currently, the average cost for a micro digger in Worcester is £103.75+Vat (September 2021), with prices ranging from £68 to £127+Vat

1.5 T Mini Digger

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Cabbed Mini Digger 1.5T WHC Hire

1.5T Mini Diggers are the favourite choice for small to medium size projects. They offer an ample amount of power and loading capacity for most landscaping and small building projects. They also offer a lighter alternative to a larger 3+ Ton machine to avoid large amounts of damage caused by operating on soft terrain. You can expect to pay on average £85+Vat a day for a mini digger hire in Worcester/Worcestershire area.

Pros of a mini digger

More powerful than micros

Mini diggers offer a larger power to weight ratio compared to their smaller counterparts.

Manoeuvre in tight spaces

Small enough to work in tight spaces in gardens and close up against buildings

360 Rotation

Offers 360-degree rotation with zero tail swing, similar to the micro digger option.

Cabins available

Some models offer a fully enclosed cabin option which is ideal for working in poor weather.


A mini digger is simple enough to be transported by the operator on a plant trailer.

Cons of a mini digger

Limited Boom Reach

Even though the boom reach is an improvement from a micro digger, it is not ideal for digging large, deep holes or trenches.

Not suitable for large jobs

Even though a digger is the most popular choice for landscapers and home improvement companies, mini diggers are not the most efficient choice for large-scale jobs.

Not all models have closed cabins for bad weather work.

As you will find during your search for mini diggers, not every single model offers a fully enclosed cabin. You may need to consider choosing a larger machine if you are looking to work during poor weather.

3T Mini Digger Hire

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JCB 3T Mini Digger WHC Hire

The most powerful option of the mini digger range offers the biggest loading capacity, longest reach and also best fuel consumption. A 3T machine is an ideal choice for medium size projects. Expect to pay on average £137.81 for a 3T machine in the Worcester/Worcestershire area.

Pros of 3T mini digger hire

Largest reach

3T machines have the largest reach out of the small digger range, allowing them to reach deeper and further than the digger options.

Enclosed Cabin

Unlike smaller models, these diggers are designed to tackle all weather situations and come with an enclosed cabinet on the vast majority of models.

Most powerful

3T digger is the most powerful of the entire mini digger range, making it the most efficient when it comes to loading capacity.

360 rotation

The 3T mini digger, again offers a 360-degree rotation, which makes it an ideal choice if you require a full range of swing with your machine.

Higher fuel efficiency

This bigger machine also can hold far much more fuel compared to its smaller alternatives. This means that there are longer periods between refills.

Cons of 3T mini digger hire

Some models have tail swing

Depending on the make and model of the machine, could mean you end up with a digger that does not have zero tail swing. Just always be aware, especially if you are working close to buildings.

Too large for indoor work

3T digger is designed for outside use or ground floor use only. It is far too large to pass through a standard size door.

Not suitable for delicate projects

If you are working on soft terrain, then a 3t digger could be too big for your project and cause more damage than you first thought. Before committing to any size digger, be sure of your entrance and exit points of the area you are working in. In addition, you will also want to inspect the ground type and also monitor the weather. Heavy machinery causes a big mess in wet conditions.


Depending on your licence type could restrict you from towing a 3T machine. Please refer to https://www.gov.uk/towing-with-car for more information.

Looking for a mini digger to hire in the Worcester/Worcestershire area?

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