Leaf Blower Hire: The Secret Weapon For Ground Care Projects

Leaf blower hire has become increasingly popular for a wide variety of different tasks within ground care projects. Some say that this simple, yet effective tool is a go-to in many operator toolboxes. If you are considering hiring a leaf blower, then you have come to the right place. In this in-depth article, we will take you through a wide range of different questions that are get asked about this tool in the industry.

By using this resource as a guide, you can help make sure you get the right leaf blower to tackle whatever task you have at hand. It’s time to blow the cobwebs off the jargon and get stuck into it.

What is a leaf blower?

What is leaf blower hire

A leaf blower is a device that is used to blow debris off all different surfaces. These machines can be powered by electricity or fuel and are used in outdoor ground maintenance. Leaf blowers are available both to hire or purchase depending on your budget size and personal requirements.

These effective tools make it easy to move a large amount of light debris such as leaves, dust, grass cuttings and more with minimal effort. Leaf blowers are a very popular choice in many industries such as grounds care, tree surgery, landscaping and even construction. Nevertheless, these tools are easy to master and save a huge amount of time and effort overall.

Leaf blowers consist of an engine, an internal fan system which sucks air inward into the machine, and an exit nozzle. No matter the design of the blower you choose the same components will still apply. 

How much do leaf blowers cost to buy?

leaf blower purchase cost

Leaf blowers are quite cost-effective to purchase, provided you can justify their investment. Electric models can range from £45.00 up to professional models of £1500.00 +. This depends on the design and manufacture you decide to choose. Fuel-powered leaf blowers cost anywhere between £100.00 and more than £2000.00.

The most common types of leaf blowers you can expect to hire are petrol handheld or backpack models. Depending on the manufacturer your supplier uses, the purchasing value of this machine would be between £400.00- £1000.00. Some leaf blower designs also double up as garden vacs, making them multiple-purpose investments.  

How much do leaf blowers cost to hire?

leaf blower hire cost

Leaf blower costs anywhere between £42.00 and £60.00 + VAT per week to hire. However, this totally depends on the supplier you choose to opt for. Nevertheless, hiring a leaf blower is a very affordable choice for many who may want to commit to purchasing one. Prices will also vary between the models and power outputs of the tools themselves.

It is important to select the correct type of blower to ensure your investment goes a long way. Remember that these machines are designed to help speed up projects, not hinder them. Let’s have a closer look at how to select the right leaf blower.

How to select the right leaf blower?

Selecting the right leaf blower for your project is quite simple overall. As there are multiple different designs and power options on the market. It is just a case of finding the right fit for your task size. The two most common leaf blowers to hire are handheld blowers/vacuums and backpack designs.

Handheld blower/vacuum

Handheld blowers/vacuums are ideal for small to medium size projects such as garden maintenance, leaf blowing in the autumn months and construction site tidy. Their handheld capabilities allow them to work in smaller spaces in and around buildings without coming into issues. They are lightweight, making them easy to operate safely with one hand. Professional models are also equipped with built-in anti-vibration systems to protect operators when used for long periods of time. Finally, these machines double down as garden vacuums also, allowing operators to collect the debris they gather.

Backpack blower

Alternative to handheld options is the heavy-duty backpack blowers. These machines only offer blowing capabilities, unlike their counterparts. However, these machines are designed for large-scale tasks. Whereas a handheld machine is better suited for small to medium gardens, a backpack blower leads the way for large-scale ground maintenance. For example, on golf courses, commercial tree surgery and property maintenance. Their design not only provides a more powerful force but is comfortable to use for long periods of time. Note, these blowers are bulkier than handheld designs so require more space to operate.

Now that we have had a look at the difference between the two common types of blowers available, let’s have a look at the factors you should consider before committing to hiring one.

Factors to consider when selecting a leaf blower

When hiring a leaf blower, to ensure you get the correct machine you should consider these operating factors:

  • Size and scale of the project?
  • Period you may use the blower for?
  • Obstacles that may hinder performance?
  • Do you wish to have a vacuum option?
  • Time scale required to complete blowing tasks?

By considering these factors, you can ensure that your investment boosts your efficiency and effectiveness when operating on-site.

What is CFM on a leaf blower?

If you are looking deep into your research of leaf blowers, then you may have come across the term CFM. CFM stands for cubic feet per minute, the larger the number, the more powerful force the blower will generate. Indicating how large an area you can blow at one time.

Cordless leaf blowers tend to generate anything between 400-700 CFM which is normally enough for small back gardens and yards. Whereas professional petrol-powered leaf blowers can generate forces of more than 3000 CFM. Nevertheless, a blower with a CFM output of 200 or more will offer a faster option than using a rack or broom for your task.

To determine the ideal blower output capacity for your task, knowing the tool’s CFM and velocity indicated in MPH (miles per hour) combined will overall indicate the effectiveness of the machine.

This information is useful if you can already determine what you may want to use a leaf blower on. In the case of a real-life scenario, finding a blower that can cater for all your possible needs is always the best bet.

What can you use a leaf blower on?

uses for a leaf blower

There is a pretty good reason why a leaf blower is a secret weapon of any household or grounds care business arsenal. They are so versatile for a range of different projects. Here is just a glimpse of a range of jobs you may wish to use a leaf blower for.

Collecting leaves

As the name states, a leaf blower is a highly efficient tool to use towards collecting or rounding up leaves that need to be removed. Project sizes range from backyards to clearing leaves of essential parts of golf courses. Using a leaf blower saves a huge amount of time and man hours.

Removing snow

A creative way to use a leaf blower to be able to quickly remove shallow snow. This can be off the tops of cars or off flat roofs. Meaning that it’s not just the warmer months this tool can speed up your productivity.

Maintaining Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is a wonderful design, but just like natural grass, during periods of the year, it can become covered in leaves and other debris. However, unlike natural grass, organic matter composting on the surface of it can cause damage. Using a leaf blower can make the task of keeping on top of artificial turf a breeze. It is important that you only use a low setting on this surface as you do not want to disturb the sand pile holding the turf in place. Ensure that after using you re-brush the pile to stand up correctly.

Blowing grass cuttings

For any of your avid gardeners out there, a leaf blower is an amazing way to clear grass cuttings after mowing. It can also be used to help maintain your machinery before being stored away again. A leaf blower can quickly help remove all the debris that can gather on a mower after use.

Clearing pathways & flower beds

Clearing pathways and flower beds of unwanted fall debris is a 2-second task with a leaf blower. This saves a huge amount of time on clear-up and allows your area to look spotless will minimal effort.  

Stump grinder clear up

Another easy task undertaken by a leaf blower is to be able to clear up wood chippings after stump grinding. Stump grinding can quickly become a messy job that can leave wood chippings in and around the area you have been working. Using a leaf blower can clear the chippings into the stump hole.

Woodchipper clear up

If you are using a woodchipper then you can bet you are going to create not only chippings but also dust. A leaf blower provides a quick way of being able to tidy up after operating larger machinery. In urban areas where dust may travel, you can also use a leaf blower to dust off cars, window ledges and more.

Is it worth hiring a leaf blower?

One of the biggest questions we are sure many will ask is, “is it worth hiring a leaf blower?” The answer in short is yes. Especially if you undertake tasks in grounds work, tree surgery or gardening etc. However, depending on the amount of intended use may determine whether you wish to hire or purchase a leaf blower for yourself.

Commercial blowers are expensive and can leave quite a dent in your pocket. This is why many choose to hire a leaf blower when and where they need it. However, if you can justify the spend, running costs and upkeep, a leaf blower is certainly a fantastic investment to have.

Hiring a leaf blower gives you far more flexibility. There are no downtime or maintenance costs as it’s all covered by your supplier. Larger business outfits can benefit more so as all equipment gets regularly replenished and tested.

Cons of leaf blower hire

We have already determined that this machine is a must-have in your arsenal, however, there are some cons to hiring a leaf blower. Leaf blowers are loud machines, therefore cannot be used every hour of the day. They can blow dust are dirt around that you may not originally want to disturb, in turn, creating more work. And finally, blowers may also require the purchase of additional PPE to operate them safely and for long periods.

Suggested PPE for leaf blower hire

PPe for leaf blower

When operating any type of machinery or tool, it is essential to always protect yourself. With a leaf blower, there are no exceptions. When operating a leaf blower you should take extreme care and ensure you are wearing the following PPE:

  • Ear protection- from loud noise output of the machine
  • Eye protection- from flying dust or debris
  • Gloves with adequate grip- protect your hands and aid dropping
  • Body protection- tight-fitted clothing to avoid snagging
  • Respiratory protection- wear respiratory protection or dust mask if working if needed.

Where to hire a leaf blower in Worcestershire?

If you are looking to hire a leaf blower for your DIY or commercial project then the team at WHC Hire Services can help. We offer a range of professional leaf blowers and garden vacs that are available for delivery and collection from our depots in Worcester and Tewkesbury. All our equipment is regularly updated to ensure operators have the most efficient and safest on the market. In addition, we provide hand and vibration testing on all our tool hire equipment, which is essential for all commercial outfits. To see the range of leaf blowers we have to offer, see our ground care range. Or call us to discuss leaf blower hire on 01684377977.