The Top 5 Most Popular Equipment To Hire 2022

Every day throughout the UK, thousands of pieces of equipment are hired to complete projects of all different sizes. As plant and tool hire specialists, we wanted to share with you the most popular equipment to hire in 2022. The information that we will share throughout this resource will give you an insight into making better financial decisions for you or your business.

This resource is based on 20 years of data from serving the UK with the latest and most efficient plant and tool hire equipment. Using this information could be very beneficial when choosing what types of equipment is best to hire rather than purchase.

Scissor Lifts

scissor lift hire

Scissor lifts are a popular machine to hire because of their simplicity and ability to raise heavy objects off the ground. With their built-in features, they provide a safe method of working at height whilst reducing the amount of manual lifting workers have to do.

Scissor lifts are a stable use of access for jobs such as roofing, industrial construction, event production and more. Used correctly these machines can prevent fatal falls and back pain from improper lifting.

Scissor lifts range in several different sizes depending on your requirements. Height, lifting weight and extendable platforms are just a few of the factors you should consider when choosing the right scissor lift for the job.

Rates for these machines begin from £180.00 + VAT per week. 

Articulated dumpers

Articulated Dumper Hire

Articulated dumpers are one of the most popular pieces of plant hire equipment to be used on construction sites. They are used to transport materials and loose earth to where they are needed most. These machines offer high productivity and safe operation in and around a busy working site.

These large machines are preferably hired due to how expensive they are to own, as well as having adequate area to store them during downtime. Articulated dumpers increase productivity as they can navigate rough terrains and through tight spaces all at the same time. With several different designs, models and sizes available, operators have a wide selection when it comes to choosing an articulated dumper for their project.

If you are considering hiring an articulated dumper, then a few factors that you should consider are ground pressure, types of dumper features, and load capacity. If you are ever uncertain, always speak to a hire professional for advice.

Rates for articulated dumpers begin from £145.00+ VAT per week.


Articulated Twin Drum Roller Hire
Articulated Twin Drum Roller Hire (Bomag)

Rollers offer operators a way of compacting earth and/or materials to provide sufficient stability for construction to take place. These machines are essential throughout the whole construction phase. They are commonly used in for several applications such as compacting earth, hardcore or mot, asphalt and more.

These machines are available in various sizes and can be selected according to the project at hand. A mix of downward pressure and vibrational technology compresses the materials or earth particles closer together. Resulting in larger load-bearing capacities suitable to the project at hand.  

Rollers are extremely popular to hire due to their hefty cost to purchase. They can be seen as a large investment for covering only one aspect of construction. Therefore, not being so cost-effective for everyone. With several different design variations and specifications, choosing to hire a compactor could give you far much more flexibility as a business owner.

Rates for roller hire begin from £70.00 + VAT per week. 


JCB Telehandler Hire
JCB Telehandler Hire

Since their initial introduction back in 1977 by JCB, telehandlers have become one of the top 3 pieces of essential equipment for large construction sites. Like a forklift, these machines can safely lift heavy loads, with the added benefit of extending their reach. Besides this, telehandlers have the added benefit of having interchangeable attachments. Forks, buckets and even platforms can all be attached to the booms of these machines.

Telehandlers are built for working in rough terrain but also can be road legal at the same time. This means that they are far more versatile than a lot of plant equipment on the market. This versatility however comes at a cost if you are considering purchasing one. Commonly businesses will choose to hire a telehandler instead as it is far more cost-effective. The upkeep of owning a telehandler can be an unwanted expense. These machines require to be LOLER tested either annually or every 6 months depending on their required usage.

Telehandlers are available in a range of sizes. Therefore, if you are considering hiring one, factor in the maximum working height, lifting capacity and what additional attachments you may require. It is always worth enquiring if the machines are road legal, as this can be an added benefit.

Rates for telehandler hire begin from £280.00 + VAT per week.


JCB Excavator Hire
JCB Excavator Hire

It’s safe to say that the most popular equipment to hire in 2022 is an excavator. The demand for earthmoving machinery is constantly on the rise throughout the UK. Excavators range in multiple sizes to assist operators to move earth, materials, debris and more during their project. Their variation in size allows people to be far more precise with their selection, allowing them to be as productive as possible. Excavators offer the additional benefit of interchangeable attachments. From different size buckets to breakers and rammers, excavators can offer it all.

It is common that during a construction project, several different-sized machines would be used throughout. Hence why it is very popular to hire a machine rather than be tied down to just a single unit. Hiring an excavator is surprisingly affordable and is a cost-effective way of boosting productivity. Despite their digging capabilities, these machines can be used for several other applications such as demolition, lifting, material handling and dredging.

As we have mentioned before, excavators are available in a range of sizes and weights. Therefore, when it comes to selecting the correct excavator for your project you should consider the machine’s weight, reach, ground pressure, and clearance. For more information on selecting the right excavator check out our “guide to hiring the right size digger” here.

Rates for Excavator hire begin from £210.00+VAT per week or £75.00+ VAT per day

Where to order the most popular equipment to hire in 2022?

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